New Achievement! Ignition on Schedule As A Tribute to the 70th Anniversary Of the Group Company

At 10 am on April 30, the China National Building Material (CNBM) solar photovoltaic cell packaging material project undertaken by the group company achieved a major milestone breakthrough, and the project's Section A production line was successfully ignited! Zhao Zhenfeng, secretary of the Ruyang County Party Committee, Sun Lunbing, deputy secretary-general of the Luoyang Municipal Government, Xie Jun, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of China Luoyang Float Glass Group Corporation, Jiang Longyue, deputy director of CNBM Glass New Materials Research Institute Group, Hu Jiabin, general manager of CNBM International Engineering Group Bengbu Branch, Huang Xiao, vice president of the group company, Zhang Daokui, assistant to the president and general manager of the construction engineering division, and other leaders attended the ceremony.The ceremony was hosted by Zhang Pingwei, general manager of CNBM (Luoyang) New Energy Co., Ltd.

The total investment of CNBM's solar photovoltaic cell encapsulation material project is about 2.3 billion yuan, covering an area of 700 mu. It is divided into 25 single projects with a total construction area of ​​320,000 square meters. Two 1,200t/d solar photovoltaic cell encapsulation material substrate production lines will be built, along with supporting waste heat power generation systems and desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal systems.This project is one of the large-scale industrial construction projects undertaken by the company in recent years. The main construction content includes all building projects, kiln projects and raw material system equipment installation. Since the project started, the group company has had the purpose of meticulously serving the owners and meeting owners expectations, attached great importance, made overall planning and Careful deployment, and coordinated many grassroots units such as building engineering, glass and glass fiber, metal structure and mechanical equipment to jointly construct the project. Under the guidance of the group company, the project management team worked together in unity and courageously, focusing on key milestones and ensuring the high-standard and high-efficiency construction of the project. The project started in March 2023, and as of April 30, 2024, the first production line was successfully ignited.

It is reported that the project adopts the ultra-white and high-transparency rolled glass production technology with independent intellectual property rights developed by Kaisheng Technology Group. It has the characteristics of maximizing melting furnaces, minimizing energy consumption, minimizing pollution, full-line automation, and maximizing benefits. It leads the industry's technological development in glass process technology, energy conservation and emission reduction, and environmental protection management, and has important demonstration significance.After the project is put into production, it will achieve an annual output of 137 million square meters of high-transmittance solar photovoltaic cell packaging materials, with an estimated annual sales revenue of more than 3 billion yuan, providing more than 1,000 jobs. It can provide 20GW of solar cell packaging materials to the downstream solar photovoltaic module industry each year, driving the upstream and downstream industrial chain to an output value of 30 billion yuan.Aiming to take one step higher when seemingly reaching a pinnacle of success.Line B of the project will be ignited at the end of July this year, and is expected to be fully completed and delivered in September. The Ruyang project team will continue to race against time, work at full capacity, and devote themselves to the construction work to ensure that the project is completed, put into production, and achieve results as soon as possible.