Luoyang Municipal State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Organized Central Government-Owned Enterprises and State-Owned Enterprises to Visit the Group Company

In order to build a strong sub-center, form a growth pole, create a platform city, and effectively promote the high-quality development of Luoyang City, on the afternoon of February 27, the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission organized the first of a series of activities "Gathering Momentum to Empower and Create the Future Together" - Entering Henan Province Installation Group, aiming to showcase the comprehensive strength and project construction status of the leading construction companies in our city, providing more opportunities for industrial development, and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results. The observation group of more than 30 people visited Luoyang Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Dongzhimen Hospital and China National Building Materials (Luoyang) Solar Photovoltaic Cell Packaging Materials Ruyang Project Site for on-site observation and listened to relevant situation reports.


Luoyang Hospital of

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Dongzhimen Hospital

     Luoyang Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Dongzhimen Hospital is a national-level regional medical center for traditional Chinese medicine (encephalopathy). It is the largest Grade-A tertiary-level comprehensive hospital focusing on traditional Chinese medicine in western Henan. It is a key provincial and municipal livelihood project. The project is located in Xiji Street, Yibin District, Luoyang City, with a total land area of 159 acres and a total construction area of 290,000 square meters. The group company is the general contractor of the construction. The project includes three sub-projects: outpatient medical technology building, ward building and comprehensive building. A total of 1,200 beds will be provided in the first phase. The project held opening ceremony and started to treat patients in July 2023 and was fully operational in October 2023. Preparations for post-delivery maintenance support, completion acceptance and application for the "Zhongzhou Cup" and "Luban Award" are currently underway.

Wang Wei, leader of Luoyang Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Dongzhimen Hospital, introduced to the observation group that since the start of the project construction, the Henan Province Installation Group has selected “elite soldiers and strong generals”, inverted the construction period, fought against the wall chart, and interacted and coordinated with the owner and supervision units to jointly tackle the difficulties. Henan Installation, with a courageous sense of responsibility and a persevering spirit of hard work, promoted the efficient and orderly advancement of the project, successfully completed the goals and requirements of the municipal party committee and government, delivered high-quality project for on-schedule operation, and presented a satisfying answer sheet in order to optimize the layout of the city's medical resources, promote the construction of a healthy Luoyang, and better meet the needs of the masses for medical security!


China National Building Materials (Luoyang) New Energy Co., Ltd.

Solar Photovoltaic Cell Packaging Materials Ruyang Project

The total investment in the CNBM solar photovoltaic cell packaging materials project is about 2.3 billion yuan, covering an area of 700 acres, and building two 1200t/d solar photovoltaic cell packaging material substrate production lines. The group company undertakes the construction work of a total of 25 building units including raw material workshops, steel structure workshops, kiln and others, with a total construction area of 320,000 square meters. At present, more than 80% of the civil construction work has been completed; more than 90% of the steel structure production and installation has been completed; more than 70% of the core furnace work of the production line has been completed, and the installation of other equipment and ancillary facilities is under intensive construction to ensure ignition as scheduled.

Zhang Pingwei, general manager and project commander of China National Building Materials (Luoyang) New Energy Co., Ltd., introduced to the visiting group that the project uses ultra-white and high-transparency rolled glass production technology with independent intellectual property rights developed by Triumph Technology Group, and is equipped with a waste heat power generation system, desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal systems. The project has the characteristics of maximizing the furnace, minimizing energy consumption, minimizing pollution, full-line automation, and maximizing benefits. It leads the industry's technological development in glass process technology, energy conservation and emission reduction, and environmental protection management, and has important demonstration significance. After the project is put into operation, it will achieve an annual output of 137 million square meters of high-transparency solar photovoltaic cell packaging materials. It is expected that annual sales revenue will reach more than 3 billion yuan, and it can provide more than 1,000 jobs. Annually, it can provide 20GW of solar cell packaging materials for the downstream solar photovoltaic module, driving an output value of 30 billion yuan in the upstream and downstream industrial chains. Since entering the construction site, the project department has lived up to its heavy responsibilities, withstood severe cold and scorching heat, overcome all difficulties, and promoted project construction with high standards and quality, demonstrating the excellent style of Henan Installation Group that dares to fight tough battles and can win battles. On behalf of China National Building Materials (Luoyang) New Energy Co., Ltd., General Manager Zhang Pingwei expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the members working on the front line and the leaders who care and support the project construction!

Meeting Discussion

Wang Jungang, a member of the Party Committee of the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and a second-level researcher, hosted a government-enterprise meeting at the group company. Chang Hongpu, deputy director of the Yibin District Finance Bureau, attended the meeting.

Wang Jungang said that this "Gathering Momentum to Empower and Create the Future Together" series of activities involving central enterprises, private enterprises, and element guarantee units is to build a bridge between state-owned enterprises and private enterprises for regular, precise, seamless connection, and efficient operation, introduce new partners and inject new momentum for enterprise development, amplify the carrier effect and magnetic field effect of the "147" platform, and focus on realizing the four basic functions for serving enterprises such as information release, communication and interaction, resource sharing, and achievement conversion among various market entities.

Wang Jungang pointed out that Henan Installation Group is a first-class construction enterprise in our city with strong technical force and outstanding comprehensive strength. Through intensive observation of the Luoyang Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Dongzhimen Hospital project and the China National Building Materials (CNBM) (Luoyang) New Energy Ruyang Project, we intuitively experienced the comprehensive strength of the Henan Installation Group. It is hoped that this event will increase the business connections between central enterprises, municipal state-owned enterprises and key industry enterprises in Luoyang, promote various enterprises to strengthen collaboration with local leading enterprises such as Henan Installation Group, strive to reach a group of cooperation intentions, advance two-way integration of local enterprise resources and industries, and join hands to create a new model of win-win cooperation.

Huang Kezheng, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and President of the Group Company, expressed his gratitude to all the leaders and entrepreneurial friends who came to the company for observation and guidance despite their busy schedule. Huang Kezheng said that the group company has built three major sectors of "construction + investment + international" and has developed into a company with whole industry chain integrating investment, design, consulting, construction, manufacturing, operation, maintenance and service. It is a large comprehensive, diversified, international and modern enterprise group industry with EPC contracting capabilities and differentiated advantages that other construction companies cannot match: 1. There will be no individual contracting for project construction. Project management is operated uniformly by the group, with project managers implementing project target responsibility management and strict performance appraisal management to avoid hierarchical subcontracting and illegal subcontracting of projects. 2. Implement a management and control system that concentrates efforts on major tasks. People, finance and other things are centrally managed and controlled by the group to maximize the group’s overall operational advantages. The project cost information system enables cost management data to be recorded on a daily basis, making cost data controllable and visible every day, allowing project costs to maintain an advantageous position. 3. Mature and reliable self-owned team and technical backbone. We have a large number of mature and reliable self-owned teams and technical backbones, who can fight for and win at critical moments of project construction to ensure construction quality and progress. 4. Ability to give full play to the advantages of Luoyang’s local enterprises. The business scope of each participating unit and our company are highly complementary and highly compatible. The company can respond quickly to cooperation projects and provide good services.

Participating companies conducted in-depth exchanges and speeches on industry development and deepening cooperation. Huang Kezheng said that he hopes that all enterprises will dig deep into each other's cooperation space, broaden the cooperation areas, and improve the level of cooperation, strive to reach a number of cooperation intentions in the fields of equipment manufacturing, electronic information, cultural tourism, new energy, urban renewal, etc., promote the implementation of a number of projects and achieve complementary advantages, resource sharing and common development, so as to continue to make new contributions in building a strong sub-center, creating a growth pole, revitalizing the glory of the ancient capital of Luoyang, transforming and upgrading it to catch up and surpass counterparts.

Cao Lei, deputy director of the Municipal Leading Group Office of Ten Thousand People to Help Thousands of Enterprises and the Private Economic Development Promotion Center, said in his concluding speech that in recent years, municipal governments at all levels have continued to carry out the “Ten Thousand People to Help Thousands of Enterprises” activities to optimize the business environment, use an enterprises demand-oriented approach to alleviate difficulties in enterprise development, smooth government-enterprise communication channels, guide enterprise transformation and development, and have achieved good results. This face-to-face meeting between governments and enterprises further strengthens communication and collaboration between the government and enterprises, and between enterprises, further expands the "circle of friends" for enterprise development, and promotes resource sharing and win-win cooperation between enterprises. In the next step, the Private Economic Development Promotion Center will plan to carry out publicity and exchange activities for outstanding enterprises and entrepreneurs in Luoyang City, gather high-quality resources, and empower the economic development of enterprises.