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Tanzania MAGARA steel bridge is completed in the first span of nine sections
Vigorous Yu'an, youthfulness, centuries, five or four years
Tanzania MAGARA steel bridge is completed in the first span of nine sections
At 15:00 local time in Tanzania on June 3, the China Railway Seventh Bureau overseas company, Tanzania MAGARA Steel Bridge, which was manufactured and installed on site by the Henan Metal Construction Company, successfully completed the first nine-section steel beam assembly task, and will begin to hoist on June 10...
Notice of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Henan Province on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Rules for the Safety Inspection of Engineering Quality and Safety Manual (Trial)
In order to guide local governments to better implement the “Engineering Quality and Safety Manual (Trial)” of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and to carry out in-depth project quality and safety improvement actions, our office has organized the “Engineering Quality and Safety Manual (Trial) > Safety Inspection Implementation Rules”.
Vigorous Yu'an, youthfulness, centuries, five or four years
On the 5th and 5th centuries, it was passed down from generation to generation. In the new era, we must not forget the original heart, remember the mission, inspire youth, and let go of our dreams. In the days to come, young people, while relaxing and relaxing, show their individuality and vitality, but also spread the infinite blood and fighting spirit in the work of contributing to society and achieving the company's development goals, and shouldering the social and social The responsibility of the company's delivery, keeping in mind the company's entrustment, helping each other and creating
The company issued the "Administrative Project Seal Management Measures"
Recently, in order to standardize the seal management of the company's engineering project department and strengthen the risk control of the project department's seal, the group company issued the "Corporate Project Seal Management Measures", which applies the engraving and activation, management and use of the seal, the scope of application of the seal, and The penalties for violations of the project seal management practices are explained. The document pointed out that the official seal of the project department was engraved and applied by the comprehensive office of the unit where the project department is located.
Improve the accountability mechanism, improve management execution ability
The Group's "Interim Provisions on the Implementation of the Management of Accountability Education for Leading Cadres" was discussed and approved by the company's team on July 28th. Its purpose is to thoroughly implement the general manager Huang to "catch those who do not implement, and focus on those things that are not implemented. Look for the reasons for not implementing, and investigate the responsibility of those who do not implement the spirit of the speech. Grasping the key things, grasping the key people, and grasping the key minority of "leading cadres" and promoting the concrete implementation of corporate management responsibilities.
Internal control and external guidance, labor management should be attacked by double fists
As a general problem in the current construction and installation industry, labor management is plaguing the development of enterprises. The marketization trend of labor service teams, the difficulty of personnel management, the low level of technology, the poor professionalism, the lack of hard-working teams at critical moments, especially the shortage of labor service personnel
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