The Group’s 4th Employee Vocational Skills Competition is here!

The mobilization meeting for the Group's fourth employee vocational skills competition was held in the Group's central conference room on the morning of April 29. The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of the Labor Union Guo Changqi. The meeting fully conveyed the spirit of the document "Group's Notice on Issuing the Implementation Plan for the Fourth Employee Vocational Skills Competition".

The 4th Workers' Vocational Skills Competition is divided into four first-category competitions and four second-category competitions. The first-category competition occupations (jobs) are pipeline construction technicians, electrical budgeters, welding technicians, and instrument electricians; the second-category competition occupations (professional jobs) are safety knowledge that should be known and mastered, electrical and instrument construction technicians, civil engineering quality inspectors, and structural welders.

Guo Changqi elaborated on the basic principles and specific considerations for selecting majors for this year's first and second category competitions. He pointed out that this competition was based on a careful summary of the experience and lessons of the previous three competitions. The labor union and the Human Resources Department fully communicated and investigated with the grassroots units, fully listened to the specific opinions of the grassroots units, and combined with the implementation of the spirit of the "Annual Work Report", focused on the major annual work arrangements such as "construction worker training", and put forward a preliminary plan, which was finally determined after the leadership meeting of the group company on April 27. The purpose of holding the competition is to strengthen employee training, improve job skills, promote training and promotion through competition, and deeply promote the construction of the company's construction team. It is hoped that all units will unify their thoughts, attach great importance to it, and take action as soon as possible in accordance with the requirements of the group company.

Specific requirements

01. Each organizing unit and department shall be responsible for establishing and improving the professional question bank as soon as possible. The corresponding professional question bank of individual jobs in previous years shall also be sorted out and adjusted in light of the new situation; all professional question banks shall be updated and professional implementation plans shall be released before early June, and the trade union shall strengthen supervision;

02. Each organizing unit shall carefully prepare courseware, actively organize training and selection examinations, and in principle, the preliminary competition must be conducted in written form, the examination papers shall be retained, and the transcripts shall be sorted out; and the competition shall be used as a guide to improve the quality and effect of all-staff training of employees' work skills;

03. In accordance with the spirit of the document "Opinions on the Implementation of the Vocational Skills Competition of Group Company Employees", the competition reward method shall be strictly implemented to truly select, train, and motivate a group of technical experts.

The Human Resources Department, Engineering Management Department, Quality and Safety Management Department, relevant grassroots units in charge of production, labor and capital managers and trade union leaders of the Group Company attended the meeting, and the relevant responsible comrades of the Chemical Engineering Division, the First Engineering Company, Guangzhou Engineering Company, Metal Structure Company, and Shengxin Company attended the meeting online via video.