Seven Decades of Magnificent Chapters— Pilot Film Released for the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the Group Company

Yu’an Dream     Rainbow Journey


——2024 Pilot Film for Henan Installation's 70-Year Founding Anniversary

Majestic Luoyang, Holy City Of China

Thousands of Years of Splendid Civilization

Outstanding Talents and Fascinating Land

 Seventy Years,

In space-time Coordinates, Witness the Rejuvenation and Prosperity of PRC

 From A Historical Perspective, Witness the Glory And Dream of Henan Installation!

From Scratch to Something, from Small to Big, from Weak to Strong

This Is A Rich and Colorful Historical Chapter

This Is An Extraordinary and Great Change


Henan Installation Group was established in 1954. It was formerly known as the Central and Southern Fourth Sanitary Equipment Installation Engineering Company of the Central Ministry of Construction and Engineering. It was born in response to the construction cause of the party and the country, and has grown and developed with the prosperity of the construction cause of the party and the country. It has successively participated in the construction of key projects such as China's First Tractor Factory, Luoyang Mining Factory, and Luoyang Refractory Materials Factory under the National "First Five-Year Plan". Party and state leaders Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Li Changchun, Zou Jiahua and others have visited the company’s projects to inspect and guide the work. Seventy years of development journey saw the transformation of PRC from a country struggling with serious economic and livelihood difficulties as well as challenges across sectors to a giant industrial power.

70 years of weathering the wind and rain. Several generations of Henan Installation people have moved around and actively participated in the national economic construction. In the vast land of China, Henan installation people can be seen everywhere. Seizing the strategic development opportunities of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, Henan installation people have left behind their footsteps in faraway foreign countries. Several generations of people are at home all over the world and dare to venture and fight. With their enthusiasm for their careers, their unrepentant persistence in their responsibilities, their indomitable will and the courage to overcome difficulties, they have written a history of arduous entrepreneurship, a story of hard work for success and history of innovation that keeps pace with the times.

70 years of reform and innovation. Henan Installation has repeatedly reformed state-owned enterprises and has established a legal person governance structure that is compatible with the modern enterprise system and an increasingly perfect management system and mechanism. In recent years, the company has kept pace with the times and created a unique corporate culture, planning four major strategies: business, cost, talent, and technological innovation. We have promoted the construction of five modernizations including informatization, standardization, refinement, industrialization and specialization. The above-mentioned has completely formed a modern comprehensive management system integrating "culture, strategy and management". It further enhanced cohesion, centripetal force, and appeal, unified thinking, reached consensus, and formed synergy to provide ideological guarantee and intellectual support for the company's high-quality development.

70 years of transformation and butterfly change. Since 2014, the company's new leadership team has worked hard and embarked on a new journey to overcome obstacles and create greater glory. The company has developed into a large-scale comprehensive, diversified and international modern enterprise group integrating investment, consulting, construction, operation and service. The annual construction capacity exceeds 20 billion yuan, and its business covers the installation and commissioning of complete sets of industrial equipment, housing construction and municipal works, highways and bridges, green intelligent construction, biotechnology, real estate development, clean energy development, infrastructure investment and construction, etc., forming unique brand influence and core market competitiveness.

70 years of great reputation. After more than 70 years of hard work and intensive cultivation, Henan Installation has harvested countless glory and dreams. It has won more than 30 national awards such as the National Science Conference Achievement Award, Luban Award and China Installation Star. It has won more than 80 provincial and ministerial quality engineering awards and over 130 national invention or utility model patents. It has won many honorary titles, such as national high-tech enterprise, advanced national installation enterprise, top 50 national installation enterprise, national “contract-abiding and credit-worthy” enterprise, Henan top 100 enterprise, Henan top 20 Enterprise in Building Sector, Henan Top 10 Construction Enterprise, Henan Advanced Construction Enterprise, Henan Advanced Enterprise in Technological Innovation, etc.

Dreams come from the long river of history and rush toward a century-old cause. The unforgettable history of entrepreneurship over the past seventy years inspires Henan Installation people, the development history of reform and opening up has baptized Henan Installation people, and the shared development mission inspires Henan Installation people. Today's Henan Installation are based on the grand vision of "Luoyang business card, international brand, and well-known comprehensive service provider" and strive to build the "Henan Installation" brand. Together with the attitude of strivers, we set sail again and will surely win greater development and glory on the new journey in the new era.