The 2024 Annual Work Conference of the Group Company Was Successfully Held

    On January 25, 2024, the group company’s annual work conference was grandly held in Luoyang. Huang Kezheng, secretary of the group company’s CCP committee, chairman and president of the group company, made the "2024 Annual Work Report" to the conference on behalf of the party and administrative leadership team of the group company. Yan Congyun, deputy secretary of the party committee, director and executive vice president, made the report of "Summary of the Work of the Business System in 2023 and Opinions on Work Arrangements for 2024". Liao Hongying, director and vice president of the group company, made the report of "Opinions on Production Work Arrangements for 2024". Guo Changqi, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and Chairman of the Trade Union, read out the "Decision on Commending "Star Branches" and "Outstanding Communist Party Members" and " Decision on Commending Outstanding Organizational Units and Winners of the Third Employee Vocational Skills Competition and Winners of the Employee Skills Competition of Luoyang Housing and Urban-Rural System”. Huang Xiao, director and vice president, read out the "Decision on Commending Advanced Collectives, Gold Medal Employees and Advanced Individuals in 2023". At the conference, Huang Kezheng signed the "Collective Wage Negotiation Contract" with the labor union on behalf of the group company, and signed annual target responsibility statements with each business division and engineering (subsidiary) company under the group company. Vice President Wang Zhixiang presided over the morning conference.

Looking back on the past year, the achievements have been remarkable and commendable. In 2023, in the face of the serious downturn in the world economy, complex and volatile market conditions, and restricted development, the company has united as one to face the difficulties, withstood market pressure, overcome numerous difficulties, and strived to boost confidence and resolve risks, and has achieved new results in production, business, reform, development and management. Many production and business indicators have reached record highs. The advantages of the core main business of industrial installation have been highlighted, which has further enriched the industrial chain. The international market has created benefits overseas, and there are numerous highlights in diversified development. The three-year plan has come to an end. Our social status and image have been significantly improved. The development tenacity has continued to show, and a brilliant answer sheet has been delivered. While counting the achievements, the conference pointed out the shortcomings of the group company's current development, and required all departments and units to firmly establish a sense of responsibility to take on challenges and accelerate development, identify the gaps, dig deep into the root causes, and fight hard to the end. Mobilize all positive factors and take more pragmatic measures to fully promote the company's rapid and high-quality development.

The report points out that 2024 is the year to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the group company, and it is also the first year to achieve the goals and tasks of the group company’s "2024-2026 Development Plan". The whole company must adhere to the overall work idea of "12345": focus on the development goal of building "Luoyang business card, international brand, and well-known comprehensive service provider", strengthen the awareness of "two services", and adhere to the "three leaderships of headquarters, strategy, and culture" ", promote the "four major strategies" of talent, business, cost, and technological innovation, take the "five modernization construction" as the guide and use a full life cycle perspective to further strengthen the main chain, make up for short chains, extend new chains, and further promote the overall operation quality and economies of scale.

Huang Kezheng further elaborated on how to achieve high-quality development of the company, accelerate talent training, especially focus on training construction controllers, strengthen cost control, improve quality, and promote the transformation of financial management functions.

This award ceremony is mainly for the advanced collectives, gold medal employees and advanced individuals in 2023, outstanding organizational units of the third employee vocational skills competition, winners in each major and winners of the Municipal Housing and Construction System Skills Competition, star branches, outstanding party members, etc. Awards are given to 11 performance-winning units in 2023. These 11 units include the Glass and Fiberglass Division, the Electric Power Engineering Division, the First Engineering Company, the Second Engineering Company, the Fourth Engineering Company, the Sixth Engineering Company, Shengxin Company, Property Company, Catering Company, Leasing Company, and Technical School. The commended advanced collective representatives and individuals walked into the group company's highest honor hall. Amid warm applause, the award speeches of each unit were read out, pertinently evaluating their achievements, and making an all-round, multi-angle and three-dimensional display of typical deeds of award-winning groups and individuals. Colleagues at the scene expressed their deep praise to the role models with warm applause.

In the audience’s laughter and cheers, and wonderful cultural performances took turns to come on stage. Company employees presented 16 exciting shows, which brought the entire awards ceremony one climax after another, showing the good spirit of Henan installation employees.

The opening dance "Happy New Year" is energetic and festive, sending New Year blessings to everyone. The comedy sketch "The Joy of Engineering People" brings the engineering people’s image of "sunshine in their hearts and strength under their feet" onto the stage. The song "Gong Xi Fa Cai" wishes good luck and all the best to everyone. Performers of “Yu’an Fashion Show” walk side by side the firm steps of Henan Installation people. "Riverdance" kicks the sonorous footsteps of Henan installation people. "Auspiciousness from Heaven" allows everyone to feel the charm of classical dance. Crosstalk "Live-streaming Sale" and "Idiom Stories" are humorous, entertaining and instructive. The sketch "Office Story" is rich in connotation and the characters are interpreted to the fullest, making the audience laugh many times. The performing group of Henan opera and banhu showed profound skills in singing, acting and instrument playing. The recitation of "If Time Is a Song" takes everyone along the long river of time, and once again walks through the seventy years of Henan installation with both wind and rain and glory. The last song "Love each other" once again pushed the atmosphere of the audience to a climax. In the singing, you can hear the glorious history created by the predecessors, and in the dance, you can see the successors and the future. Henan Installation, a big family with strength and warmth, is being led by the group company to forge ahead as one.

Responsibility lies in hard work, and mission illuminates the journey. The glorious history of 70 years has witnessed extraordinary achievements, and the hard work of 70 years has been inspiring. In the new year, let us start from celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the group company, be full of passion, truly unify our thoughts and actions into the company's decision-making and deployment, and firmly anchor on the strategic goal of "building Luoyang's business card, international brand, and well-known comprehensive service provider", continue to strengthen the foundation, seize development opportunities, constantly optimize the market layout, adhere to pragmatism and encourage innovation, meet challenges with practical and responsible vigor and pioneering spirit, and strive to write a brilliant chapter of the company's development in the new era, and present excellent results as a tribute to the company's 70th anniversary! Turn the grand blueprint of building a century-old enterprise into a beautiful reality step by step!