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The company issued the "Administrative Project Seal Management Measures"

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Recently, in order to standardize the seal management of the company's engineering project department and strengthen the risk control of the project department's seal, the group company issued the "Corporate Project Seal Management Measures", which applies the engraving and activation, management and use of the seal, the scope of application of the seal, and The penalties for violations of the project seal management practices are explained. The document pointed out that the official seal of the project department was engraved and applied by the comprehensive office of the unit where the project department is located.

Recently, in order to standardize the seal management of the company's engineering project department and strengthen the risk control of the project department's seal, the group company issued the "Corporate Project Seal Management Measures", which applies the engraving and activation, management and use of the seal, the scope of application of the seal, and The penalties for violations of the project seal management practices are explained. The document pointed out that the official seal of the project department was engraved and applied by the comprehensive office of the unit where the project department is located. The company's comprehensive office was engraved according to the project department documents established by the company. The special section of the project department is engraved and used. If the project department uses a special chapter according to the work, it shall apply to the sub-subsidiary company, and the sub-company shall be responsible for engraving and handling the procedures for issuance and requisition. The document clearly requires the project manager to implement the project manager responsibility system, and the project department can set up the project seal manager. The project seal manager will act as the agent in accordance with the provisions of these Measures. At the same time, the document also clearly defines the scope of use of the official seal of the project, the "special chapter of technical materials" and the "special chapter of the exit permit".