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Improve the accountability mechanism, improve management execution ability

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The Group's "Interim Provisions on the Implementation of the Management of Accountability Education for Leading Cadres" was discussed and approved by the company's team on July 28th. Its purpose is to thoroughly implement the general manager Huang to "catch those who do not implement, and focus on those things that are not implemented. Look for the reasons for not implementing, and investigate the responsibility of those who do not implement the spirit of the speech. Grasping the key things, grasping the key people, and grasping the key minority of "leading cadres" and promoting the concrete implementation of corporate management responsibilities.

The Group's "Interim Provisions on the Implementation of the Management of Accountability Education for Leading Cadres" was discussed and approved by the company's team on July 28th. Its purpose is to thoroughly implement the general manager Huang to "catch those who do not implement, and focus on those things that are not implemented. Look for the reasons for not implementing, and investigate the responsibility of those who do not implement the spirit of the speech. Grasping the key things, grasping the key people, and grasping the key minority of "leading cadres" and promoting the concrete implementation of corporate management responsibilities. The introduction of this system is an effective measure for the company to strengthen its execution. Execution comes from responsibility, improves work ability, and strengthens the sense of responsibility. The combination of the two can improve execution. The two are light and heavy, and the responsibility is better than the ability to work. That is, the execution comes from the sense of responsibility, and the responsibility determines the execution. Responsibility is to stick to the position and improve the execution with responsibility. This will enable us to do more practical work, less empty talk; more deepening, refinement, less empty talk, false words; more passion, less shoving, so In order to complete our work better. Responsibility is a kind of quality, a kind of mission, a pursuit, a loyalty and trustworthiness to the mission of oneself, an excellent accomplishment of my job, and only those who dare to take responsibility will take on a bigger Mission, only such talents have the responsibility to be trusted, in order to improve execution.