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The group company issued the "Outline of the Three-year Development Plan for Industrialization"

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In order to fully implement the spirit of the company's "2017 General Manager Work Report", we will create products and services with the lowest price, best quality and best service, and promote the informationization, standardization, refinement and industrialization of the Group, and give full play to the optimization. The advantages of design and BIM technology will achieve the goal of “building the company into a comprehensive, diversified and internationalized modern enterprise group” as soon as possible. Recently, the group company has issued the “Outline of I

In order to fully implement the spirit of the company's "2017 General Manager Work Report", we will create products and services with the lowest price, best quality and best service, and promote the informationization, standardization, refinement and industrialization of the Group, and give full play to the optimization. The advantages of design and BIM technology will achieve the goal of “building the company into a comprehensive, diversified and internationalized modern enterprise group” as soon as possible. Recently, the group company has issued the “Outline of Industrialization Three-Year Development Plan”. The "Outline" comprehensively introduces the background and challenges of the Group's industrialization development, puts forward the guiding ideology and development goals of the three-year industrialization development, and puts forward specific requirements for industrialization's strategic goals, phase objectives, and overall goals, and from industrial projects. Strategic objectives have been set in areas such as construction and municipal projects and personnel training. The overall thinking of the three-year development of industrialization: (1) the traditional industrial installation business. During the planning period, all the intensive management of all installation projects within the group company will be fully realized. Established a prefabricated processing sub-subsidiary company to carry out unified processing and prefabrication of prefabricated processing parts and components of the installation projects within the company's company, and build a logistics platform of the group company. With the unified delivery of the Internet of Things, the factory prefabricated, on-site zero production module Installation. (2) Construction industrialization. Based on the existing building branch, the self-developed real estate is used as a pilot to explore the assembly design, construction and factory prefabrication of residential industrialization, while accumulating experience, integrating and absorbing resources (design, technology, equipment, talent), and actively Comprehensive pipe gallery, sponge city, municipal engineering development. Realize the use of BIM technology to improve the cost control level, optimize the allocation of construction resources through BIM5D, and reduce construction costs. Gradually build the construction industry into one of the main sections with deep engineering design, external processing, construction, operation, service and investment, with the general contracting capacity of engineering. The development goals are: (1) Strategic Objectives (2020) Industrial Projects. Supported by BIM technology and deep optimization design, based on factory prefabrication, it fully realizes the intensive management of all installation projects within the group company. (2) Construction and municipal projects. Business contract signing → drawing review → drawing deepening optimization design → BIM modeling → external factory prefabrication → on-site assembly construction. (3) Talent training. Meet the needs of industrial development. The target of the phase is to conduct an in-depth investigation of the leading group from August to December 2017; the preliminary work of the factory construction, related technical personnel and design qualification declaration will be realized from January 2018 to December 2018; the plant construction and equipment installation will be completed in the first half of 2019. The commissioning is over and the production conditions are met. Established a prefabricated processing sub-subsidiary to realize the integration of deep optimization design and BIM technology; at the end of 2019, the intensive management, industrialized production and on-site assembly of the pilot project will be carried out; the pilot will continue in the first half of 2020, accumulating experience, summing up and improving; In the second half of 2020, the management model of project intensive management, factory prefabrication processing and on-site assembly will be fully implemented throughout the company. The overall goal is to fully realize the intensive management of all installation projects within the group company. The group company basically realizes the pre-fabrication of the installation engineering factory, the assembly on the construction site, and the deep optimization design of the business sector with urban heat, sewage treatment, garbage power generation and real estate development. , as well as a comprehensive, international group company that invests in and builds operational capabilities.