The construction industry will present four major trends in the future

China's architectural design will develop in a more mature direction in the next few years. At present, the design field of unconventional and flashy wind will be with the market rationalization to curb. Dr. Liu Li, general counsel of Wuhe International Group, said in an interview with reporters recently that in the construction climax of the past 10 years, Chinese architecture has seen countless world highs. As the symbol of the country and the business card of the city, some exaggerated modeling ideas like the Grand Theater or CCTV are needed. However, as China is still a developing country, it is impossible for all buildings to be creative with foreign masters at any cost. Liu Li believes that with the opening up of the industry, the choice of the construction side will be more inclined to the practicality, comfort and energy-saving effect of the building, rather than just the novelty and weirdness of the appearance.

"At present, there is a lack of development and design standards and products in the market that are truly suitable for the national conditions, the cost is controlled within an acceptable range, and the fineness and scientific and technological content are moderately improved." Liu Li told reporters that throughout the Chinese housing market, low-end products account for most of the market share. And these products in the past low-level, homogenization of serious competition, cost has become a key factor, which leads to the production of low quality.