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Safety behavior habits

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Enterprises should improve the long-term mechanism for safe production, standardize production safety management, conscientiously implement the establishment of safety system, implement safety responsibility and safety measures at the production site, standardize inspection and rectification, institutionalize technical training, standardize safety management, and do a good job. Safety daily management work; To form a long-term, long-term safety management culture, strengthen the awareness of safety production responsibility of all employees, and turn safety regulations and safety requirements into employees' self-conscious habits and behaviors.

Safe behavior habits are not only the fulcrum of personal peace and family happiness, but also the fulcrum of the company's development and growth, and the fulcrum of the country's prosperity. How do we develop employee safety behaviors?

1. Sound mechanism, standardized management

Enterprises should improve the long-term mechanism for safe production, standardize production safety management, conscientiously implement the establishment of safety system, implement safety responsibility and safety measures at the production site, standardize inspection and rectification, institutionalize technical training, standardize safety management, and do a good job. Safety daily management work; To form a long-term, long-term safety management culture, strengthen the awareness of safety production responsibility of all employees, and turn safety regulations and safety requirements into employees' self-conscious habits and behaviors.

2, the alarm bell is long, the safety often speaks

It is necessary to use pre-class meetings, safety warning signs, publicity slogans, safety training and other forms to carry out safety education extensively, vigorously stimulate the "positive energy" of safe production, always remind workers not to forget safety production, and promote safety publicity and education into the brain. Heart; we must vigorously grasp the safety and family education, organize the sending of SMS messages of safety blessings, invite family members to participate in safety seminars, promote safety publicity and education into the family, let the relatives of employees often blow the safety wind, and urge employees to develop good safety behavior habits.

3, Haien's Law, catch early catching small

Haien’s Law states: Behind every serious accident, there must be 29 minor accidents and 300 unforeseen precursors and 1000 accidents. In daily safety production work, some small mistakes of employees are easily overlooked. Some employees even turn a blind eye. Individual management cadres are also blindfolded. In the long run, they will inevitably encourage employees' unsafe behavior habits. Therefore, for some "unprecedented aura", some small hidden dangers, small accidents should be grasped early, small, analysis and summary, timely take effective measures to prevent, in order to prevent the accumulation of small hidden dangers into large accidents. It is imperative to strengthen the concept of "safety and no small matter". It is necessary to be small and big, and it is necessary to prevent the micro-duration and nail the safe "iron nails".


Safety behavior habits


4, Murphy's Law, put an end to luck

Murphy's law means that "everything that can be wrong will definitely go wrong", and the extension to corporate safety management is "any safety accident that may occur in the event of a safety accident." Many unsafe behavior habits are caused by luck. Nothing happened today, it does not mean that there will be no accidents tomorrow; there has been no accident before, and it does not mean that there will be no accidents on a certain day. In general, luck will eventually lead to a security incident. This requires the safety management department to move forward and punish the management, treat the safety hazard as a safety incident, strengthen the supervision beforehand, and reduce the inspection of the form. It is necessary to cultivate employees' sense of concern and responsibility for work in the neighborhood fire and self-checking stoves, to detect and eliminate potential safety hazards early, and to reduce the occurrence of production safety accidents.

5, innovative ways, develop habits

The safety awareness of some employees is not strong, and there are even production habits such as illegal operation and blind and ruthless work. The formation or change of a person's work habits is closely related to his own situation and the internal environment of his company. This requires the enterprise security management personnel to use their brains and innovative methods to incorporate the employee's production safety behavior into the assessment indicators, and to link the safety behavior habits with the assessment rewards, and to promote the transformation of frontline employees from “I want to be safe” to “I want to be safe”. To encourage employees to develop safe behavior habits.

6, the hot furnace rule, the implementation of the "law" must be strict

The hot furnace rule means that the rules and regulations should become a "hot stove" that burns red. It has three characteristics: First, it is a warning in advance, the furnace is burnt red, and at first glance it knows that it can burn people. Second, regardless of the relatives of the nobles, whoever touches it will burn it; the third is that the hot is hot, not to scare people. To ensure safe production, it is not enough for enterprises to have a safety management system. They must follow the “hot furnace rule” to implement the safety management system and promote the implementation of safety procedures. Otherwise, the safety management system will become a "rubber band" and a "strawman", losing its binding force and shocking power, and production safety cannot be guaranteed. The same is true for the security law enforcement department. To be law-abiding, law enforcement must be strict. If the problem of potential safety hazards is discovered, it is necessary to promptly urge the enterprise to rectify, the punishment of the punishment, the seizure of the seal, and the safety management system and safety operation procedures. In order to effectively bind the employees of the company.

7, adhere to the principle, ruthlessness and affection

Safety production is about life. If the safety management personnel are "sentimental", they will open up one side of the illegal operation personnel, which seems to be "all happy," but in fact, "afternoon troubles." Once you have passed, the accident may quietly take away the health and life of the employees. What you learned at that time is the real "ruthlessness."

Safety management personnel should not be discounted in their work, and the implementation of the system must be selfless. We must adhere to principles and dare to face difficulties. We must dare to expose, face up to, and eliminate potential safety hazards. It is better to invite "cry" beforehand. Don't hear "cry" afterwards; rather, be a "black bag" beforehand, and don't do "red boy" afterwards.

Making security a habit is not an easy task, but a long-term process. The establishment of safety awareness, the formation of safety concepts, and the development of safety habits are not a day's work. It requires employees to consciously “repair” and “raise”, and it also requires enterprises to continuously supervise through various channels. Only when everyone develops safe behavior habits can they stay away from accidents and stay away from harm, so that employees can be safe and healthy, and families can be happy.