The company won the honorary title of "advanced unit of trade union work"

In 2022, under the correct leadership and strong support of the trade union of the group company and the superior trade union, the trade union of the metal structure company will stick to its duties and mission, focus on the center and serve the overall situation, listen to and solve the demands and needs of employees, effectively play the role of the grass-roots trade union as a bridge and link, and achieve new results in various work, which has effectively promoted the harmonious and stable development of the metal structure company.

This award is not only an encouragement, but also a spur. The labor union of the metal structure company will continue to keep its mission in mind, give full play to its advantages, unite and encourage employees to focus on the focus of production and operation, build a new era, forge ahead a new journey, and promote the company's rapid, high-quality and harmonious development with practical actions.