Jining old canal steel arch bridge construction into the final stage

On May 26, the spraying work of the old canal steel arch bridge on Yunhe West Road in Jining City, built by our company, entered the final stage and is expected to be fully completed in three days.

It is reported that the bridge is a top-bearing steel arch structure. The main steel structure is all manufactured by our company and transported to the site for sectional installation. The bridge beam installation will be completed in November 2021. Due to seasonal reasons and the influence of the epidemic situation, the on-site steel arch topcoat spraying was delayed. After multi-party coordination, the operators entered the construction site in early May this year to carry out the final anti-corrosion and topcoat spraying work.

Due to the simultaneous excavation of the river course on site, in order to avoid the "crash" of the construction, the on-site spraying work has formulated a strategy, fighting day and night, bypassing the excavated part of the river course during the day, spraying both sides with scaffolds, and spraying high-altitude topcoat at night with excavators. In the case of few on-site personnel and tight time, the hard work pays off, and the steel structure arch bridge spraying work finally enters the countdown stage.

Although the process is difficult, the result is perfect. This bridge will be displayed above the canal in a brand new way in the future!