Metal Structure Company Held "Safety Production Month" Launching Ceremony

April this year is the 21 "safe production month " in the country. in order to thoroughly implement the relevant deployment of the activities of the superior department and the group company "safe production month " , strengthen the safety awareness of all employees and improve the safety production atmosphere of the company, to promote the further development of the company's safety culture construction, on the morning of , 6 7 , the metal structure company held the launching ceremony of "safety production month " in the north factory area around the theme of "abide by the safety production law and be the first responsible person " . More than 50 people participated in the activity, including factory leaders, management personnel of various departments and front-line workers in the workshop. At the launching ceremony of

, Zhao Jile, deputy general manager of the metal structure company, first conveyed the general arrangement of the group company on the "safe production month" activity, and made arrangements for the activities of the metal structure company. It is required to organize and carry out various activities such as hidden danger investigation, safety training, accident drill, knowledge competition and so on according to the activity plan, at the same time, we should take the "safety month" as the starting point, increase the exposure and punishment of illegal behaviors, and resolutely prevent and put an end to all kinds of accidents. Subsequently, Blimin, assistant to the general manager of the metal structure company, made an in-depth analysis of the importance of safe production in the workshop in combination with the current production reality, and mobilized everyone to abide by the rules and regulations for their own healthy life, so as to make safe production a habit and eliminate the formation of conditioned reflex in violation of regulations and unsafe non-production. Zhu Jianluo, general manager of

Metal Structure Company, made a mobilization speech, emphasizing: First, to improve ideological understanding. It is necessary to effectively recognize the current severe safety production situation, deeply understand and accurately grasp the meaning of "the first responsible person", earnestly study and understand safety laws and regulations, realize full participation in safety prevention and safety management, and continuously promote the company's safety culture construction; The second is to strengthen basic safety management. It is necessary to do a good job in special rectification, promote the investigation and rectification of potential safety hazards, strengthen the assessment of the "three violations" phenomenon, further strengthen the training of safety operation procedures and safety prevention skills, and improve the accident prevention, self-protection and emergency handling capabilities of all employees; The third is to adhere to long-term continuous management. Safety is only "in progress" and not "in completion". We should make full use of the opportunity of "safety production month" to carry out various activities in a down-to-earth manner, create a strong atmosphere of safety production, and continue this atmosphere to build a solid foundation for the company's high-quality development. Fourth, we must do a good job of summarizing and improving. It is necessary to summarize the deficiencies and problems in the process of carrying out the activities, formulate rectification measures, strengthen the implementation of improvement, and constantly promote the improvement of safety management level.

Finally, the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection organized all the staff to take a solemn safety oath. Everyone solemnly signed the banner with "Be the First Responsible Person in Abide by the Safety Production Law", expressing their confidence and determination to fulfill the safety promise and be the "first responsible person" in safe production.