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Vice Chairman of CPPCC In Yiyang County Made A Visitation To Us

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A government team visited our company on July 7 2120 regarding “万人助万企” activity research,whose purpose is to offer support to enterprise.

A government team visited our company on July 7 2120 regarding 万人助万企 activity research,whose purpose is to offer support to enterprise. The team includes Mr. Li Baozhu, vice chairman of CPPCC in Yiyang County, Mr. Wang Haiying, vice chairman of Association for Science and Technology in Yiyang County, and Mr. Sun Zhigang, Director of Emergency Management Bureau in Yiyang County. They are receipted by our general manager Mr. Zhu Jianluo and Chief engineer, Mr Zhao Jile.


They visited our workshop on site and asked in detailed about our market development situation, especially the challenges we faced in development and problems that need to be coordinated and next plan. Mr Li Baozhu said in the followed meeting: the purpose of 万人助万企activity is to offer service and do the work to help enterprise to solve problems in the development regarding capital, human resources, management and science&technology innovation to encourage and inspire enterprise so that enterprise and society economy can develop with high quality.As a chief support representative for our company, they will attach great importance to the problems we mentioned, and make list and put more effort for coordination to ensure the leading challenges could be solved ASAP.

At last, Mr. Zhu Jianluo showed our gratefulness for their visitation and said we will actively take the market opportunity, further improve our internal management and marketing ability to develop bigger better and stronger to take social responsibility and make contribution to high-quality and fast development of Yiyang economy.