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Enhance The Awareness of Fire Safety and Increase The Ability of Emergency Response

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We launched fire safety training or emergency drill at 9am on June 28 as approaching of 100 years birthday of the CPC.

In order to thoroughly implement the instructions of the group company and the superior safety department, continuously promote the safety production, ensure the orderly and effective implementation of the "safety month" activities, and enhance the fire safety awareness and emergency response ability of employees,We launched fire safety training or emergency drill at 9am on June 28 as approaching of 100 years birthday of the CPC. Almost 30 staff from each department took part in the training.

The training was kicked off at 9 am. First of all, staff from environment and safety depart organized training on basic fire safety knowledge through video and PPT which vividly told staff how to to about fire prevention, fire alarming, and initial fire fighting, staff evacuation and self-saving.They especially made important arrangement about emergency drill.

The emergency drill started at 9:50 am, which is a simulation of a real fire. Each segment was practiced like rescue commanding, communication, emergency rescue, evacuation and medical aid.Different teams took their responsibility and worked with each other closely and performed very well regarding fire reporting, evacuation, perimeter setting, rescue and fire fighting, medical aid and cleaning up. The whole process lasted around 10 minutes and reached expected effect.

At the end of the drill, safety and environment depart showed how to use powder and  CO2   fire extinguisher and guide everyone to experience it. At last, safety personnel Li Jingjing lead everyone to make safe swear which concluded the activity.

This fire training and emergency drill enriches knowledge of all the staff and increases the awareness of fire safety and the ability of self-Save and Mutual Save.We will take this opportunity to enhance our team coordination and response ability, carefully summarize the experience and search for our problems and always keep alert to build fire safety defense and ensure production being carried out in safe and order.