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Our company hold the opening ceremony of 2021 “Safety Production Month”on June 1st, which kicked off series activities concerning safety with the theme of “take safety responsibility, push safety deve

June of 2021 is the 20th national Safety Production Month.In order to comply with the group companys safety management policy deployment, our company hold the opening ceremony of 2021 Safety Production Monthon June 1st, which kicked off series activities concerning safety with the theme of take safety responsibility, push safety development. The ceremony is hosted by Mr. Sun Yanan from safety and environment Dept and attended by more than 50 staffs including vice general manager Mr. Zhao Jile、assistant of GM Mr.Wen Zhenying etc.


Mr.Sun Yanan delivered the general arrangement of Safety Committee of Yiyang county and Group and made detailed work arrangement in our company according to actual situation.Activities like special inspection, special renovation, lectures on safety knowledge,work safety speech contest, accident warning and education, emergency rescue drill will be held in this month.


Finally, Mr. Zhao Jile announced the start of the Safety Production Monthactivity and made the following remarks.He emphasized that everyone should enhance concern and responsibility of safety to raise safety quality. Publicity level should be increased to create a better safety production environment.Safety responsibility should be taken by everyone to push forward the effectiveness of each safety activity.Great importance should be attached to group companys safety development concept and safety production standard requirements for safety inspection ,analysis and conclusion to increase and maintain effectively the level of safety production through these activities.


Participants made safety swear and left their signatures on the publicity slogan at the end of the ceremony.