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Our Application For“Specialized、Fined、Peculiar、Innovative”Medium & Small Enterprise Was approved

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Recently, we applied for “Specialized、Fined、Peculiar、Innovative”(or SFPI)Medium & Small Enterprise according to 《Henan Province SFPI Medium & Small Enterprise Certification Regulation》. On May 11 of 2

Recently, we applied for Specialized、Fined、Peculiar、Innovative”(or SFPI)Medium & Small Enterprise according to 《Henan province SFPI Medium & Small Enterprise Certification Regulation》.On May 11 of 2021, we were certified after formal process of report、recommendation and expert audit.

In recent years, we attached great importance to the technology R&D and intelligent production on the product of glass industry industrial equipment、steel structure bridge、pressure vessel etc, and made great achievements including 32 patents and 1 enterprise standard. Meanwhile, we put forward to 32 patents achievements transformation, which raised our level of production technology and innovative capacity.

The certification means that our management development and scientific innovative capacity obtained affirmation, we will regard it as our starting point toward the new target. In order to build ourselves as a modern and professional high-tech enterprise of outstanding features, leading technology and innovation-driven, We will continue to strengthen and highlight the construction of "informatization, standardization, industrialization, refinement and specialization"strengthen scientific research, enhance the ability of independent innovation and brand building and increase our core competitiveness. During the process, our Group companys Four Strategiesand General Development Plan works as our guidance.

    Remarks:SFPImeansSpecialized、Fined、Peculiar、Innovative、Medium & Small Enterprise.Strict requirements were set for the aspects of revenue growth rate、R&D investment、 innovation ability etc regarding the selection of provincial SFPIenterprise.So that good enterprises with technological content、advanced equipment and technique、sound management system、strong competitiveness could be chosen to get more support from government in the terms of enterprise loan、entrepreneurship、innovation and enterprise development etc.