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Project Summary---The Steel Structure Hoisting and Installation Was Completed Successfully for Children Hospital Project

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The steel structure, which is used for roof of YiJi Building Palace of Luoyang City Children Hospital, was hoisted and installed successfully after the last roof truss was hoisted and placed at 18:30 of April 19th. The steel structure was made and installed by Luoyang YuAn Metal Structure Co., Ltd.

The YiJi Building Palace is around 3000 square meters, its roof is made up of three truss steel structure, of which each one is around 3.2 meters high, 35 meters long and 30 tons in weight. Due to the long span and long-distance hoisting(hoisting radius:48 meters), we decided to use two 500-tons


Cranes for hoisting after the plan was verified and approved by our company、project owner and supervisor.Meanwhile, safety disclosure, staff and material deployment was also carried out to ensure everything goes well. After the instruction was given out at 17:00 of April 18, the truss started to be moved and placed slowly by the efforts and cooperation of all the staff, and after two days, all the three trusses were installed successfully.

The successful installation of the roof trusses not only sets good foundation for the roof making , but also saves much time, which means that the construction enters a new stage.