Fighting Hard to Win the Milestone and Presenting A Gift to the Group Company for Its 70th Anniversary -- The Left-side Steel-Concrete Girder of Yanhuang Expressway (Expressway along the Yellow River) Project Was Successfully Connected

At 17:00 on the afternoon of April 28, with the smooth placement and precise alignment of the last girder section, the left section of the steel-concrete continuous composite girder of the YHSG-2 section of Yanhuang Expressway manufactured and installed by the Metal Structure Company was successfully connected, marking the successful completion of the project's phased milestone.

The left section of the bridge is divided into five spans. Each span is 80 meters, and is composed of 29 segments. The total weight is about 3,300 tons, and the heaviest single girder piece is about 87 tons. As a controlling project of the Qinhe Super-large Bridge on the Wuzhi to Jiyuan section of Yanhuang Expressway, the successful closure of the continuous girder section received unanimous praise from the owner and the supervisor. Henan TV's Elephant News also conducted a special interview and report on the progress of the project construction. At the same time, it also adds a strong stroke to the company's performance in the construction of high-speed continuous steel-concrete composite girders.

The realization of this milestone has sounded the clarion call for the project's sprint. In the next step, the Metal Structure Company will continue to keep a close eye on the goal, seize progress, strictly control quality, and forge ahead. We will establish a good brand image with practical actions, submit a satisfactory answer to the owner, and use new achievements to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the group company!