The First Steel Box Girder of the Pedestrian Overpass on the Xingyang Section of Jiaoping (Jiaozuo-Pingdingshan) Expressway Was Successfully Hoisted

      On April 28, the hoisting of the steel box girder of the pedestrian overpass attached to the steel box girder fabrication and installation project of the Xingyang section of Jiaoping Expressway, which was undertaken by the Metal Structure Company, was successfully completed.

       It is reported that the overpass is located 600 meters east of the main line bridge of Zhaocun Interchange on Jiaoping Expressway and is an ancillary project of the interchange.It spans the S312 Yellow River Fast Road, has a span of 45.5 meters, a bridge deck width of 4 meters, and a total steel structure weight of approximately 160 tons.After receiving the command from the headquarters to enter the site, the metal structure company quickly organized personnel, materials and other elements, entered the site on April 23, poured the foundation on the 24th, installed the support on the 27th, and completed the hoisting of the overpass on the 28th.


The Yellow River Expressway is an important traffic artery with heavy traffic and high speed. Ensuring smooth traffic and safety is the biggest challenge facing the project construction.The project department set the goal of "minimizing the impact of construction on traffic and making every effort to ensure construction work and traffic safety", formulated plans, strengthened measures, and seized the construction progress with the momentum of "sprinting from the start", and went all out to achieve "accelerated" project construction.

Next, the project department will gradually install facilities such as overpass stairs and guardrails. At the same time, the installation of the main line steel box girder of the Xingyang section of Jiaoping Expressway will also begin.