Get involved! The company's 70th anniversary logo is waiting for you to design!

Seventy years of concerted efforts and progress, a new journey in the new era. In 2024, the Group will celebrate its 70th anniversary. In order to enhance the Group's brand image and showcase its corporate brand connotation and profound historical heritage, we are now publicly soliciting commemorative logos for the Group's 70th anniversary from all employees and retired comrades. Please use your imagination and creativity and we look forward to your submissions.

Collection Content and Targets

The main content of this solicitation activity is the 70th anniversary commemorative logo.

Targets: All employees and retired comrades of the company. Each business unit should recommend at least 2 works, and each engineering (subsidiary) company should recommend at least 1 work. We encourage all units to actively organize employees to participate in submissions, and we also welcome retired comrades to give full play to their creativity and submit excellent works.

Work Requirements

1. Novel concept. The 70th anniversary commemorative logo must be novel in concept, with a clear theme, healthy and lively content, and have a distinct sense of the times, affinity and visual appeal. At the same time, it must be suitable for use in various publicity and related products such as media, printed materials, promotional materials, exhibitions, derivative souvenirs, etc.

2. High recognition. The creation of the logo must be in line with the company's corporate culture concept, and can draw elements and inspiration from the company name and LOGO logo, showing the company's 70th anniversary of historical and cultural heritage, in line with the company's transformation and development positioning, and giving the new journey a symbolic meaning of creating greater glory.

3. Be creative. The 70th anniversary commemorative logo design should be innovative and reflect innovative ideas. The design must be accompanied by a text description that explains the creative concept, design ideas, design element connotations, image names, and interpretations.

4. The works are not limited to two-dimensional designs, and three-dimensional shapes can be added.

5. If the work is accepted, the author needs to improve the final design according to the requirements.

Submission Requirements

1. The submitted work should be a complete creative proposal, including the design work + image name + design description of about 300 words.

2. There is no limit to the creative techniques of the submitted works (if there are hand-drawn manuscripts, please scan them in high resolution and upload them). The submitted works must be in the form of electronic attachments in JPG, BMP, PNG, PDF and other formats, with RGB color mode, and the work size set to A4 (297×210mm), with a resolution of not less than 300dpi, and the submitted file size must be within 100MB.

3. The email title format is: "Collection of 70th Anniversary Commemorative Logo + Company/Individual Name + Mobile Number".


 1. Collection stage: from the date of announcement to April 10, 2024.

2. Online voting: In mid-April, after preliminary screening, the company will conduct online voting on the collected works on the WeChat official account, and select some excellent works to enter the expert review stage.

3. Public announcement: In late April, the group company will announce the winning design proposal through the WeChat official account and release the 70th anniversary commemorative logo.

Activity Information

1. The entries must be original works of the contestants. Plagiarism, theft, and synthesis of other people's works are strictly prohibited. If found, the contestant will be disqualified. Any actions involving privacy rights, reputation rights, portrait rights, and third-party rights and the resulting legal consequences shall be borne by the contestant. If the entries are identical, they will be determined in the order of submission time.

2. Participants should use images, fonts and other materials legally and bear the corresponding legal responsibilities.

3. By submitting works to participate in the collection activity, the entrants are deemed to agree that the organizer has the right to use the works and has the right to copy, record, exhibit, publicize, promote, and interpret the works.

4. If the submitted work does not meet the collection requirements, the organizer has the right to cancel the work's eligibility for the selection and will not return the work. Please keep the draft of the work for yourself.

5. Candidates should provide detailed information of themselves or their organizations (including contact information).

6. After the contestants receive their awards, the intellectual property rights and usage rights of their works belong to the organizer. The organizer has the right to use them for related event promotion, albums, exhibitions or commercial purposes, including redesign, production, publication and other forms of publicity. The winning contestants shall not use them on their own or transfer them to a third party.

7. Works can only be submitted in electronic form via email. There is no need to submit printed copies of the works or physical materials.

8. After the work is selected, the author must submit the complete design draft (editable engineering design document in ai, psd, cdr and other formats) or the original hand-drawn draft to the group company.

9. The final right of interpretation of the collection and selection belongs to Henan Installation Group Co., Ltd. Anyone who submits an entry will be deemed to have approved this activity plan.

Submission channels and time

Submissions and registration forms should be sent to the collection mailbox:

The collection period is from the date of the announcement to April 10, 2024. Please be sure to submit your works before this date.