Henan Installation Group Launches New Emblem and Flag

In order to adapt to the strategic development and brand building needs of the group company and further enhance the brand awareness and influence of "Henan Installation", on the occasion of the upcoming 70th anniversary of the founding of the company, we redesigned the original company emblem to increase the recognition and dissemination of the company emblem. Our group company launches new emblem and flag.

01. New Emblem of Group Company

This emblem visually gives people a sense of stability like a pyramid, and the arrow shape shows the spirit of striving for progress; connotatively speaking, the small "Y" streamline in the middle, together with the arrow, forms a large "A", not only symbolizing our company's heroic spirit of being headquartered in the Central Plains, advancing nationwide and worldwide, but also implies the courageous spirit of the company to continuously develop and expand business from within the province to outside the province, and from China to the whole world.

“HENAN INSTALLATION”, the English translation of “Henan Anzhuang”, shows that our group company has strong international vision and mission, and a mindset of win-win cooperation, mutual benefit and common prosperity, and actively plans business layout so as to make "Henan Installation" an international brand with excellent strength.

The Chinese character "Henan Installation" (Song style) has clear lines, square and majestic, and has the air of being upright, giving people a sense of weight, stability and awe.

02. New Flag of Group Company

The company flag is an important part of the company's image communication system. Standardizing the visual image of the company flag is conducive to the spread of the company's image. The dimensions and proportions of standard combinations should be strictly adhered to in actual production.

The specific size of the company flag is chosen based on the height of the flagpole. If it is hung together with the national flag, the national flag must be placed in the middle with the company flags on both sides.

03. Standardization of unified usage requirements

The company emblem and flag are an important part of the group company culture and a major event in brand building. All units, office departments and staff of the group company must have awareness of the overall situation, attach great importance in mind, and implement it conscientiously in strict accordance with the requirement to start using new company emblem and flag.

The main application scope of the company emblem includes but is not limited to

1Files: employee handbooks, policies and norms, company issued articles, various sheets and documents;

2Office supplies: employee business cards, envelopes, letters, information bags, etc.;

3Company logo: signboards, various display boards, guidance signs, project department camp gates, mechanical equipment, work clothes, safety helmets, etc.;

4Company publicity: company profile, company website, brochures, public accounts, projects, etc.