The flag goes to the journey together to build a dream with the first heart-the 65th anniversary celebration of the group company is held ceremoniously.

Jade dew on the Yishui River, and Dangui is fragrant with golden wind. On September 30,

, the inside and outside of Henan installation building was permeated with a festive atmosphere, with auspicious clouds reflecting the sun, flags fluttering, flower baskets and brocade clusters, and lanterns decorated. it was just before the national day and the group company celebrated its 65th anniversary. More than 150 people, including the leaders of the group company, the leadership of the engineering (subsidiary) company, retired old leaders, and outstanding employee representatives, witnessed the celebration, relived the 65-year struggle together, shared the 65-year fruitful results together, and looked forward to an inspiring bright future. The 65th anniversary celebration of

consists of three parts: group photo, artistic performance and dinner. The participants first visited the graphic exhibition hall commemorating the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the group company, and then entered the main venue to welcome the audio-visual feast. After the performance, the dinner was held in the staff restaurant.

At the beginning of the theatrical performance, Huang Kezheng, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and President of the Group Company, extended festive congratulations and heartfelt thanks to the retired employees and all cadres and employees, and made an important speech.

speech pointed out: the 65-year history of the group company is not only a history of pioneering through difficulties and hardships, but also a history of continuous self-improvement, and a history of advancing with the times and pioneering and innovative. These 65 years have been the 65 years in which the Yu'an people share the same destiny with the motherland and progress with the times. The group company has grown from scratch, from small to large, and from weak to strong. It is the 65 years in which several generations of Yu'an people have been self-reliant, hard-working, united and enterprising. Create brilliant 65 years. They have created miracles, built monuments and composed a volume of colorful chapters.

speech systematically summarized the achievements of the group company in the past five years: in the past five years, it has built an advanced cultural system with company characteristics; in the past five years, it has formed a perfect development layout and accelerated the construction of a comprehensive, diversified and international modern enterprise group; in the past five years, by promoting the "three transformations" of operation, the pattern of "four major plates and coordinated development" has been formed; in the past five years, the company's reform and management have been comprehensively deepened and improved, the equity management system has undergone profound reforms, the organizational management system has undergone in-depth changes, and the "four modernizations" construction has promoted the modernization of management; in the past five years, the company has accelerated the implementation of new policies for talent development and created a new highland for talent gathering; In the past five years, the company's social status and image have been significantly improved. Group companies are exploring in reform and advancing in exploration.

speech stressed: looking forward to the future, in the era of great development and great change, the group company will continue to follow the national policy guidance, conform to the direction of supply-side reform in the construction industry, and draw a more magnificent new blueprint with a broad-minded mind.

Speech Calls: The glory of the past will eventually become a dusty memory. Our pursuit of a better life has never stopped. Our pursuit of decent work and dignified life has never stopped. The 65-year-old Henan Installation Group is already a 10,000-ton ship, carrying us on the dream-chasing channel. We are all masters of this ship, and we are a community of shared destiny. I hope that all employees will take on the historical responsibility of realizing the "Yu'an Dream" with a new attitude and higher requirements!

After that, a variety of cultural performances were performed. There were not only wonderful programs such as dance, recitation, cross talk, chorus, but also special video screenings, speeches and other links. The spiritual outlook of the people and the affectionate blessings to the group company brought an audio-visual feast to the audience.