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Promote "Four-Aspects Learning" Activity Through Examination

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Promote "Four-Aspects Learning" Activity Through Examination

In order to push forward progress of the activity of learning policy, learning regulation, learning standard and learning system and check the learning results for the month of April and May, an examination was organized in our company as planned in the afternoon of May 30. The test paper is made up of single choice、multi-choice and short answer questions regarding industry standards, company culture, company system and key points.

Since the beginning of April, the activity had been organized for four times. How is the results? Is there any problems? Which aspects need to be consolidated. Examination is the best way to verify it. The examination not only stimulates the enthusiasm of the staff, but also positions and  corrects the problems which helps the staff to learn better, deeper and smarter. By doing so, the knowledge can be effectively used to direct in the production practice.

According to four-aspects learning activity plan, we will organize our staff to learn the contents of national safety laws and regulations, group safety standard, national standard for steel structure and company rules and systems at the second stage which is from June to July. The learning will integrate  with the activities of Safety Production Month””Safe and Health Cup, and with the main learning way as follow to ensure the learning results and make learning used in practice: teacher directs the whole learning, departments learn from each other, staff helps each other to learn, examination promotes the learning.

Make learning used into practice, practice promote learning, learning and practice are both important. Our final target is to integrate those standards , systems, and culture philosophy and use them in the work practice by learning. Four-aspects learning activity need to be long-lasting, and we will continue to organize to make this company policy come into reality so that all staff can think and work together to set physiological foundation for company production and operation.