Looking back on the glorious history and building a new era of dreams-the 65th anniversary series of activities of the group company officially opened.

65 years of extraordinary years, 65 years of hard work. A drop of water can reflect the brilliance of the sun. The development and growth of Henan installation Group has been integrated into the magnificent course of the founding of New China for 70 years, and into the new era of reform and opening up. 65 years, carrying the glory and dreams of several generations, flowing how many people's youth and stories, 65 years of time, your story, my memory.

In order to unite people, boost morale, and stimulate employees' enthusiasm for work, the group company specially organizes a series of activities with the theme of "Looking back on the glorious history and building a new era of dreams", looking back on the company's development history, especially the company's new achievements in the past five years The new achievements in various aspects such as cultural construction, three major strategies, and four modernizations construction show the spirit of Yu'an people in the new era and the new era, looking forward to a better future, we will welcome the 65th anniversary of the company in a warm, frugal and upward atmosphere. series of activities are mainly divided into three sections: look back, look forward and commemorate.

Looking back: mainly includes the publication of a series of documentary articles on the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the company, the collection and exhibition of old photos and employee photography works, the launch of a keynote speech on "practicing the company culture and showing the elegant demeanour of employees", the holding of a "Yu 'an hymn" theme essay solicitation activity and a micro-video solicitation activity.

Outlook Section: Message Solicitation and Series Exhibition Activities. Relying on WeChat platform, the company's history tree display board and other methods, online and offline simultaneously collect employees' messages to the company to express everyone's work feelings and expectations for the company.

Commemorative Plate: During the event, there will be a permanent exhibition area for the anniversary results in the lobby on the first floor of the building. The exhibition will last until around the National Day. The company will also customize relevant souvenirs for the 65th anniversary for employees to remember. After the end of the anniversary activities, the preparation of the company's 65th anniversary special issue, summarize the company's development path, record the wonderful moments of the anniversary.

65 years of time and space circulation, the change is the vicissitudes of life, the constant is the pursuit of hard work. The company's transformation and development has borne fruit, and the development plan is shining into reality. In the face of the opportunities given by the new era and the challenges of market competition, we should not only seek roots, draw nutrients from the company's profound historical accumulation, sum up excellent experience from the company's development, guide and inspire people with the excellent culture of the company's characteristics in the new era, unite as one, gather wisdom and strength, constantly deepen management, promote transformation and development, and sing the "Henan installation" brand. Make unremitting efforts to realize the development vision of the group company.