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The 65th Anniversary of Group Founding Was Going On

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The 65th Anniversary of Group Founding Was Going On

As it rains around the river and breeze flows with fragrance of flowers.

On september 30, the bustling environment under propitious clouds brought in the 65th anniversary of group founding with flying flags, prosperous flower baskets and colorful lights. Over 150 company staffs including group leaders, branch leaders, retired leaders and excellent worker representatives, witnessed this activity by recalling company 65 years development history, sharing the achievements made in the last 65 years, and expecting the inspiring visions for the future.

The activity consists of three parts as group photography, art performance and banquet. It starts with visiting the show room of company development history in the past 65 years by all members. After enjoying the art performance, the whole anniversary ends with banquet which was held in staff restaurant.

Mr Huang Kezheng, president also secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, expressed congratulation and gratefulness to retired and existing staffs and leaders, and made remarkable speech at the beginning of art performance.

He said: the past 65 years for the group is a history of Entrepreneurship in difficulty, consistent self-improvement, endeavour in innovation with times. In the past 65 years, being tightly with China and going with times, Yu'an people made relentless efforts from generation to generation to make the group to grow from being nothing, small and weak to being rich, great and strong, during which achievements were made again and again.

His speech systemically summarized the achievements made in the past 5 years, which contains advanced company culture system with the company characteristic;building a modern enterprise of integration, diversification and internalization; the promotion and formation of operation pattern which is three reforms,synergetic development of four business segments ; company reform and management was improved and deeply strengthened, the management of share system and organization was well reformed; modernization of management is promoted by the four modernizations; company social status and image is obviously improved. In a word, company explores in reform and grope our way ahead.

He reaffirmed in his speech that company should draw grand blueprints under the  direction of national policy and construction industry supply-side reform in an open way to for a promising future and to catch up with the steps in this era of development and reform.

He made new call in his speech on all of us that we should take the responsibility for realization of YUAN Dream with higher-standard attitude and requirements. And our achievement is already marked as past, we will never stop our pursuit for better life and decent work. The 65 years old company is already like a giant ship with which all of us are together.

At last, a audio-visual feast was brought which contains the performance like dancing, group singing, speech, comic dialogue, as well as special video show. Our deep wishes to company and the mentality of YUAN people was well expressed in the show.