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Tanzania MAGARA steel bridge is completed in the first span of nine sections

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At 15:00 local time in Tanzania on June 3, the China Railway Seventh Bureau overseas company, Tanzania MAGARA Steel Bridge, which was manufactured and installed on site by the Henan Metal Construction Company, successfully completed the first nine-section steel beam assembly task, and will begin to hoist on June 10...

At 15:00 local time in Tanzania on June 3, the China Railway Seventh Bureau overseas company, Tanzania MAGARA Steel Bridge, which was manufactured and installed on site by the Henan Metal Construction Company, successfully completed the first nine-section steel beam assembly task, and will begin to hoist on June 10. .

The project is located in the capital city of Baba, the capital city of Manyala in northern Tanzania. The cross-river steel bridge produced by our company is 85 meters long and is divided into three spans, totaling 24 knots. MAGARA Steel Bridge is the ninth steel structure bridge exported to Africa by our company. It adopts the European bridge manufacturing standard. In the steel bridge production process, the double-layer full-weld welding technology of medium and heavy plate is adopted for the first time, and 100% ultrasonic flaw detection is carried out. Ensure that the quality of the steel bridge is qualified. After the completion of the manufacturing, the steel structure workshop organizes the pre-assembly, the error is in the range of millimeters, and after the Tanzanian experts go to our factory for inspection, it will be shipped to the project site.

The completion of the steel beam assembly will advance the hoisting time in advance, and strive for valuable time for the next river diversion and follow-up construction.

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