Tanzania MAGARA Steel Bridge - Nine Segments of 1st Span Completed

At 15:00 local time on June 3 in Tanzania, the Tanzania MAGARA Steel Bridge, contracted by an overseas company of China Railway Seventh Group, manufactured and installed on site by Luoyang Yu 'an Metal Structure Co., Ltd., sees the successful assembly of the nine steel girder segments of the first span. Installation will begin on June 10.

This project is located in Babati, the capital city of Manyara region in northern Tanzania. The river-crossing steel bridge produced by our company has a total length of 85 meters and is divided into three spans with a total of 24 segments. MAGARA steel bridge is the ninth steel structure bridge exported to Africa by our company. European bridge manufacturing standards are adopted. In the production process of steel bridges, we adopted, for the first time, full penetration welding technology on both sides of medium and heavy plates, and 100% ultrasonic flaw detection is adopted to ensure the quality of steel bridges. After the manufacturing was completed, the steel structure workshop organized pre-assembly, and the error was within the millimeter range. They were shipped to the project site after the Tanzanian experts had inspected products in our factory.

The completion of this steel beam assembly will advance the installation of the first span , thus gaining valuable time for the following river course diversion and subsequent construction.

(General Affairs Department)