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"Three major disciplines" for safe use of electricity, eight notes and "not allowed"

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1 Non-electricians are not allowed to work in electrical engineering.2 Electrician personnel must undergo training, examination and certification before they can engage in electrical work.3 All electrical work should be carried out in accordance with organizational measures and technical measures to ensure safety.

Three disciplines

1 Non-electricians are not allowed to work in electrical engineering.

2 Electrician personnel must undergo training, examination and certification before they can engage in electrical work.

3 All electrical work should be carried out in accordance with organizational measures and technical measures to ensure safety.

Eight notes

1 Electrical work must concentrate on energy.

2 wear electrical safety equipment

3 power failure, electricity inspection, discharge can not be forgotten.

4 Install temporary grounding wire and cover the fence to hang the signboard.

5 Set up temporary lines to be approved, and be careful during construction to prevent falling.

6 power outage maintenance, to set up a guardian.

7 Regular inspections, testing on time, and eliminating hidden dangers.

8 In the event of an electric shock, the power must be cut off and rescued promptly, and reported immediately.

Electrical safety is not allowed

1 No electrical certificate is required, no installation or maintenance of electrical equipment is allowed.

2 No one is allowed to tamper with electrical equipment and switches.

3 Do not use unqualified electrical equipment or tools.

4 Do not use electric heating equipment and light bulbs for heating.

5 During the overhaul of the equipment, no one is allowed to close and unplug the fuse.

6 When the fuse is blown, it is not allowed to increase the capacity or replace the aluminum (copper) wire.

7 The fire ticket is not allowed to open fire in the cable interlayer or cable trench.

8 Do not enter or approach the high voltage electrical equipment area at will.

9 No work ticket (operating ticket) is not allowed to perform electrical work (operation).

10 It was found that someone had an electric shock and was not allowed to rescue the electric shocker when the power was not cut off.

(Equipment Management Office)


"Three major disciplines" for safe use of electricity, eight notes and "not allowed"