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Internal control and external guidance, labor management should be attacked by double fists

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As a general problem in the current construction and installation industry, labor management is plaguing the development of enterprises. The marketization trend of labor service teams, the difficulty of personnel management, the low level of technology, the poor professionalism, the lack of hard-working teams at critical moments, especially the shortage of labor service personnel

As a general problem in the current construction and installation industry, labor management is plaguing the development of enterprises. The marketization trend of labor service teams, the difficulty of personnel management, the low level of technology, the poor professionalism, the lack of hard-working teams at critical moments, especially the shortage of labor service personnel, has become a bottleneck restricting enterprise development. The company's three-year development plan must achieve a major breakthrough in production and management tasks, and the project industrialization has reached more than 70%. Around this development goal, to develop a professional construction team, factory production, assembly-type construction, it is necessary to change the current extensive construction mode. Recently, the company issued the "Management Measures for Laborers' Participation in Insurance" and "Several Opinions on Solving the Shortage of Special Operators" and other documents, aiming to use resource management as the focus of labor work through a series of management measures, from inside and outside. Two aspects of the two-pronged approach, do a good job in labor management. Internally build the Yulin army team, through the platform construction, revitalize internal resources and form a chess game. The establishment of the "Administrative Measures for the Participation of Laborers" passed the establishment of the system, strengthened the management of the participating teams by the branch companies, and gradually established a truly self-owned professional construction team. "The first-line insured personnel team is in the process of preparation and management". The branch company combines the actual production and operation of the unit, and in the case of meeting the requirements of the company's relevant special operations personnel, it can form a virtuous circle of survival and the fittest in the quota, so that it is truly loyal to the enterprise. Skilled people enter the insurance team. Strengthen the daily management assessment of the insured personnel, “dynamic management, assessment at any time”, establish a benign management mechanism, timely clean up redundant burdens, and retreat at any time if they do not meet the requirements. Through the linkage of the platform, the stability and continuity of the construction of the personnel can be ensured, and the high-efficiency construction can be promoted by professionalism. At the same time, the dynamics of the personnel can be controlled in time, and the management initiative can be mastered in the hands of the company and the project department, and the key moment can be hard and can be rushed up. In order to make the insured personnel become the backbone of the company's construction team. Strengthen the training of special operators, this part of the staff is related to the qualifications of the company and related to key technologies. However, at present, there is a shortage of personnel, especially for professionals such as lifting, and there is an urgent need to supplement the new forces. Either no one is available, or someone is undocumented, and it is urgent to strengthen personnel training and evidence collection. "Several Opinions on Solving the Shortage of Special Operators", through strengthening training, on-the-spot recruitment, and establishment of a special personnel resource pool, to cultivate and gather a group of professionals with corresponding theoretical knowledge and practical experience, these special professions are often The project has a pivotal role. In particular, for the special operators who are more mature in the market, such as welders required for on-site construction, learn to bring in the doctrine, to market the dignitaries, to establish their own special personnel resource pool, and to solve the shortage of special workers. Introduce resources from multiple sources and channels, and actively explore the labor resource market. The company, the branch office, and the project department form a synergy to grasp as much as possible of various types of social labor resources, divert water into the pool, and build an external resource sharing platform. The marketization of labor resources has become inevitable. It is necessary to adopt an open mind and adapt to the ever-changing market, keep pace with the market, and integrate with the market. Through the use of the evaluation mechanism, reserve a group of social team resources that can be used for me, and call them to come and fight. To change the mind, human resources professionals at all levels must regard resource management as the top priority of their work. Focus on solving the current shortage of labor resources, internal control resources are idle or outflow, externally introduced and actively explore new resources. The branch company should be deeply aware of the necessity and urgency of building its own professional team. The project management personnel, especially the professional foremen, must put an end to the idea of ​​escrow management, enhance the initiative and forward-looking management, and continuously enhance their professional skills. We must dare to manage and dare to act. Labor management is affected by many factors of national policies and market environment. It is necessary to constantly adjust reforms. There is no ready-made recipe to follow, and it cannot be done overnight. It is necessary to take more measures and work together to give full play to the initiative of organizations at all levels, to introduce and manage people well, to continuously meet the labor demand for project construction, and to help the company achieve better development goals for the three-year plan. (Liu Haibin)