Epidemic prevention does not relax, production does not stop ------ Zhang Hanzhi, Secretary of Yiyang County Party Committee, visited our company to supervise the epidemic prevention and control and the production of key projects.

On the afternoon of October 20, Zhang Hanzhi, vice chairman of the Luoyang CPPCC and secretary of the Yiyang County Party Committee, and Liu Zhifeng, director of the County Transportation Bureau, and his entourage visited Yu'an Metal Structure Company to supervise the prevention and control of the epidemic and the production of key projects.

In the production workshop of the bridge manufacturing base, Diafei, deputy general manager of the Metal Structure Company, reported in detail to Secretary Zhang and his party on the production progress and next plan of the steel bridge of Qianjin Bridge. In the report, he pointed out that in recent days, the epidemic situation of Xinguan Bridge is complicated and severe. Since Yiyang County implemented full closure and control on the evening of October 16, all factories have been closed management, and vehicles and personnel have been restricted, it has a significant impact on production. After the closure and control, our company actively requested coordination from the project headquarters and the relevant departments of the county government. Under the coordination of the relevant departments of the county government, a green channel was opened for personnel and materials on the basis of ensuring safety. Since the 17th, through screening, Statistics, reporting, point-to-point pick-up, implementation of full-staff living in the factory and other measures, nearly 100 people have entered the site one after another, more than 30 trips for material transportation, and insist on working around the clock, work overtime to organize production and fully guarantee the hoisting nodes of the first steel bridge.

Secretary Zhang fully affirmed the company's rapid response to the epidemic and effective prevention and control, and actively took measures to ensure the progress of steel bridge production of Qianjin Bridge. Secretary Zhang watched and listened in the production workshop, stopped from time to time to inspect the production of parts, asked about the difficulties in the production process, made suggestions on the spot, coordinated and solved the problems, and required: pay close attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic, strictly implement the prevention and control of the epidemic. Measures, strengthen personal protection, do a good job in logistics, continue to carry out production on the basis of epidemic prevention and control, adhere to two hands, and make no mistakes, and strive to ensure smooth and orderly production.

In the general assembly yard, Secretary Zhang and his party approached the steel box girder of the Qianjin Bridge under construction to inspect the assembly situation. They stressed that the reconstruction and expansion project of the Qianjin Bridge, as a key project in Yiyang County, is related to the overall situation of Yiyang, the people's livelihood of Yiyang and the development of Yiyang. They hoped that the company would continue to maintain high enthusiasm, actively carry forward the spirit of fighting and overcoming difficulties, anchor the goal, on the premise of ensuring safe production and engineering quality, we must rush for time and progress, and ensure that the on-site node goals are achieved on schedule.

Finally, Deputy General Manager Di Yafei said that Yu 'an Metal Structure Company will further enhance its overall awareness, enhance its mission responsibility, keep a close eye on the node targets, take the initiative to overcome difficulties, make every effort to speed up the production progress, complete the tasks on schedule with good quality and quantity, and lay a solid foundation for the early opening of the project.