Latest Progress of Fuxin River South Ring Road footbridge in Fengxian County

Recently, the steel box girders of sections 5 to 10 of Fuxin Henan South Ring Road pedestrian bridge project in Fengxian County, Jiangsu Province, constructed by Metal Structure Company, were installed in place. The attitude of the main bridge on the east side is initially showing , and is about to enter the steel tower stage.

It is understood that there are 6 bridges built from the North Ring Road to the South Ring Road in the Fuxin River section of Fengxian County, all of which are conventional ordinary reinforced concrete structures, and most of them are not equipped with sidewalks, which seriously affects people's traffic safety. The South Ring Road pedestrian bridge manufactured and installed by our company this time is the first inclined tower cable-stayed self-anchored suspension steel structure bridge on the Fuxin River. After completion, it will become the local landmark buildings and . At the same time, it will greatly facilitate and improve the travel experience on both sides of Binhe Park and enhance the image of the city.

Because the total length of the steel bridge is 100 meters, the maximum single span is 90 meters, and the river channel cannot be cofferdams or intercepts, steel pipe piles can only be inserted into the water to erect temporary supports, which makes it difficult to operate on water and increases the construction difficulty. The project personnel brainstormed and overcame the suffering, and connected the supporting steel pipe into a ship valve with local materials to form a water operation platform, realizing the water transportation of the steel pipe pile, continuously adjusting and controlling the water positioning and pile body state of the steel pipe pile with reflective stickers, solving the problem of limited height of the water operation surface with hanging baskets, and solving the problem of water electricity safety with waste tires floating, finally, the installation of more than 80 steel pipe piles and temporary supports on water was successfully completed and passed the acceptance of the owner and supervisor. After

(Effect Diagram of New Henan South Ring Road Pavement Bridge in Fengxian County, Jiangsu Province)

Temporary Support and various preparatory work are sufficient, the bridge installation will officially begin as the steel box girder components enter the site. According to the established hoisting plan, the project department conducted detailed technical disclosure again to clarify the key points and matters needing attention. with the full cooperation of everyone, the hoisting of floating crane, fine adjustment of component position, assembly and welding were orderly. after a short period of days, the steel box girder main bridge on the east side of the bridge tower was completely erected, adjusted and reinforced. after the subsequent inclined tower was installed, the steel girder on the west side could be connected with the opposite bank.

I believe that with the joint efforts of all the staff of the project, the footbridge will not be presented on the beautiful Fuxin River in a high-spirited and upward manner in the future, and the installation in Henan will also leave a strong mark on the picture of the beautiful Fuxin River!