Carry out safety special training to help enterprise safety development

In order to improve full personnel safety production awareness and emergency handling capabilities , effectively contain and prevent accidents to ensure safe and orderly production, on the afternoon of March 22, Metal Structure Company organized full personnel to carry out double prevention mechanism construction special safety training , 23 people including the company's supervisor, management personnel and team leader participated in the training . At the training site of

, the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection mainly explained the construction of double prevention mechanism in detail from four aspects: overview of double prevention mechanism, risk classification control system, hidden danger investigation and management system, and normalization of double prevention mechanism , and combined with accident examples, visually presented safety hidden danger prevention and emergency treatment measures. After the training, the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection organized the participants to conduct knowledge tests and achieved good training results.

Through training, everyone has a more comprehensive understanding and grasp of the connotation and importance of the dual prevention mechanism, further deepened the understanding of safety production laws and regulations, clarified the focus and direction of safety management, and continuously realized the past The passive prevention of accidents has shifted to the active investigation of hidden dangers, realizing the advancement of the gateway and focusing on prevention, and inserting safety wings for reducing accidents and the stable development of enterprises.