The company joined the China Steel Structure Association

Metal Structure Company Joins China Steel Structure Association

Recently, Luoyang Yu'an Metal Structure Co., Ltd. successfully passed the review of China Steel Structure Association and obtained the group membership unit certificate issued by China Steel Structure Association. After joining the association, you can use the bridge link role of the association platform to strengthen exchanges with peers in terms of technology application and manufacturing experience, and promote the company's steel structure manufacturing technology and management level to further improve.

Note: China Steel Structure Association is a national industry economic and technical organization with legal person status voluntarily formed by enterprises, institutions and scientists, engineering and technical experts, and entrepreneurs in China's steel structure industry. It was established in June 1984. The association consists of more than 4000 group member units including design, research, manufacturing, installation, and steel production plants under the original metallurgy, construction, petroleum, chemical, machinery, shipbuilding, electric power, railways, transportation, and aviation.