The group company held safety technical training on the combination of rigger theory and practical operation.

September 5, 2020 The Group organized theoretical and practical operation safety technical training, by Jiang Wei, Zhang Shengwei, Xiao Lixin and other experienced crane masters to participate in the training of trainees in the leasing branch Huashan Road site for professional technical training work. The main contents of

training include:

1. reading of hoisting plan and preparation of machine plan.

2. Basic calculation knowledge and safe use methods of common machines and various rope buckles.

3. Command the overall handling of crane equipment, and fix the center of gravity and center of hoisting.

4. Requirements for safe operation of mechanical operators.

5. Uniform regulation of command signal and safety technology.

6. How to determine the lifting construction plan and safety technical measures.

7. Safety requirements for the command personnel, strengthen safety awareness and prevent accidents.

8. Command operation shall be stable, accurate, fast, safe, reasonable and environmentally friendly.

9. Special personnel shall be assigned to operate cranes, hoists, electric jacks, wire ropes, clamps, snap rings, hemp ropes and pulleys on site and explain them on site.

Lifting operations usually involve heavy equipment hoisting, which is highly dangerous and requires high requirements for operators. If training is only conducted in the classroom, it will inevitably become "empty talk" and cannot effectively improve the skills of employees. However, if practical operation training is conducted directly at the hoisting site, it will be risky and costly, making it difficult for enterprises to accept. This training solved the key technical problem of the site and facilities that plagued the actual operation technical training on site, improved the training efficiency and technical level of the rigger, and achieved obvious training results.

Miao Yinchao and Gu Shufeng of our company participated in the training.