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Kick-off of The Group 65-year Founding Ceremony Series Activity

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The Group 65-year Founding Ceremony Series Activity was held

Henan Installation Group grows more and more strong in the past 65 years of hardship and fight, which is like a small drop of water merging into the 70-year history of New China and reform and open of New Era.

This 65 years is like a river, which contains glory and dreams of several generation, flows with numerous staffs youth and dream, is full of your story and my memory.

The Group 65-year Founding Ceremony Series Activity was held in the way of being warm, economic and positive with the theme of Recalling Glorious History and Building New Era Dream in order to unite and encourage staff and stimulate working enthusiasm by looking back on the achievements made in the past 5 years including company culture construction, three strategy , and construction of four modernizations, showing Yuan people mentality, strong dynamic of reform and prosperous future. The activity is made up of three main parts of looking back, expectation and commemoration.

Part one, looking back: we will hold activities like publishing articles on the record of company 65-year development history, photography exhibitions for the photos taken by staff, speech activity with the theme of company culture implementation, staff image demonstration, collection of articles and micro-video with the theme of Praising Yuan.

Part two, expectation:blessing message collection and exhibition. Collect the messages from staff about their work feeling and expectations to company by wechat and company information plat both online and offline

Part three, commemoration: a show area will be set to show company achievements till the end of National Day and company will order gift as souvenir for staff. And editing special issue to summarize our development and record the wonderful moment at the end of the activity.

Our pursuit will never change after 65-year during which time brings great changes to the world. Company transformation development is resultful and company development strategy is being realized. We shall continue to stick to our root by absorbing essence from our accumulated company culture and development experience. And to strive for the company development vision by attracting,encouraging, inspiring and uniting staff with excellent culture with company characteristics in the new era and strengthening management, promoting transformation development.