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In accordance with the deployment of the provincial and municipal party committees, our company has been actively carrying out the “Creating the first to compete for excellence” activities since May 2010. Our branch has fully learned from the successful experience of in-depth study and practice of the scientific development concept, carefully designed the carrier and enriched the activities. Take effective measures to carry out the "creating first and foremost" activities among party members. At present, all work is being carried out in an orderly manner. The work situation is now reported as follows:
I. Main practices and characteristics of our company's activities 1. Strengthen organizational leadership and promote activities at various levels. First, the branch attaches great importance to it, specializing in arranging the specific research and arrangement activities of the supporting committee, mobilizing the elites, doing a good job in organizing and coordinating, doing a good job at all stages, promoting activities, providing solid organizational guarantee for the activities; second, the members of the branch take the lead in restoring the establishment and improvement. Learning system, actively participate in the initiative to compete for excellence; the third is to convene the whole factory party members meeting to mobilize the initiative to compete for excellence; the fourth is to use the blackboard newspaper, propaganda window and other platforms and carriers to carry out propaganda and mobilization, forming a pioneer in the company A good atmosphere for competition. 2. Carefully set up the carrier. At the beginning of the activity, the branch extensively solicited the opinions of the members of the team and the party members, carefully conceived and carefully planned. In order to make the pioneering activities of excellence a real opportunity to enhance the work level of our company, we focused on the work of the enterprise and combined in-depth study and practice. The carrier of the scientific development concept, as the carrier of the pioneering competition for excellence, is to be the pioneer of innovation. Combining the pioneering activities and learning and practicing the scientific concept of development organically, laying a good foundation for the sustainable development of our factory. The branch strengthens the construction of the learning party organization, strengthens the re-learning and re-education of the party's purpose, and carefully designs the activities carriers with distinctive features and pragmatic management from the actual work of the subordinates, forming a prominent theme, creating distinctive features, and competing to catch up with the competition. The vivid situation. 3. Establish a role model for learning and promote outstanding models. During the event, according to the arrangement of the party committee of the group company, we vigorously promoted the deeds of our company's gold medal employees, outstanding party members and advanced figures, and were recognized by the group. 5. Clear the case of letters and visits and maintain the overall situation of stability. During the event, we will solve the reasonable demands of the employees, and make an explanation for the unreasonable appeals. Among them, four cases of individual petitions were verified, two of which were formed in the 1980s. Reasonable settlement of two pieces, one needs to be solved for the sake of maintaining stability and stability, and one patiently persuaded education.
Second, the initiative to compete for excellence is about to enter the stage of comprehensive competition. Recently, our factory will do a good job in the following tasks: First, focus on the 91st anniversary of the founding of the party, publicize the glorious history of the party, carry forward the fine traditions of the party, learn the advanced models of party members, and further strengthen the atmosphere of creating advanced and outstanding activities. Strong party organizations and party members create the initiative and consciousness of excellence. The second is to promote the smooth development of various tasks in light of the company's current work priorities. In accordance with the arrangement of the company's party committees, we will push forward the activities in a down-to-earth manner to ensure that they receive practical results. After the 91st anniversary of the founding of the party, our factory's pioneering competition for excellence has been carried out around the implementation of the spirit of the party's "18th National Congress".
Third, the lack of work in the previous stage and existing problems. Through the inspection and review of the activities carried out in the previous paragraph, we feel that it is not enough to strengthen the supervision and inspection and promote the full implementation. This makes the branch not doing enough in some aspects of the activities, and the work is not done well enough. This is where we need to improve and improve in the later stages of the event.

September 21, 2012100

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