Party Branch of Yu 'an Metal Structure Co., Ltd.-Striving for Excellence

According to the deployment of the party committees of provinces, cities and group companies, our company actively carried out the "pioneering and striving for excellence" activities. Our branch fully learned from the successful experience of in-depth study and practice of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, carefully designed carriers and enriched activities Content, take effective measures to carry out in-depth "pioneering and striving for excellence" activities among party members. At present, the work is carried out in an orderly manner.

1. the main methods and characteristics of our company's activities

1, strengthen organization and leadership, and publicize and launch at all levels. The first is that the branch attaches importance to it, and specially convenes the branch committee to specifically study and arrange activities, mobilize capable forces, do a good job in organization and coordination, do a good job in all stages of work, promote the development of activities, and provide a solid organizational guarantee for the activities; the second is that the branch members take the lead in restoring and improving the learning system, and actively participate in the activities of pioneering and striving for excellence; the fourth is to use blackboard newspapers, publicity windows and other platforms and carriers to carry out publicity and mobilization to form a good atmosphere for pioneering and competitive activities throughout the company.

2, carefully set the carrier. At the beginning of the activity, the branch extensively solicited the opinions of team members and party members and the masses, carefully conceived and carefully planned. In order to make the initiative and excellence activities truly become a favorable opportunity to improve the work level of our company, we focused on the focus of the company's work, combined with theoretical knowledge, and took "Being a saving expert to be a pioneer in creating efficiency" as the carrier for in-depth development of the initiative and excellence activities. The organic combination of pioneering activities and learning activities has laid a good foundation for the sustainable development of our company. The branch strengthens the construction of a learning-oriented party organization, strengthens the re-learning and re-education of the party's purpose, starting from the actual work of the subordinate, carefully designing distinctive, pragmatic and effective activity carriers, forming a prominent theme, creating distinctive characteristics, and competing to learn to catch up Vivid situation.

3. Set an example of learning and carry forward excellent models. During the event, according to the arrangement of the party committee of the group company, we vigorously publicized the deeds of our company's gold medal employees, outstanding party members and advanced figures, and were affirmed by the group.

4. Clarify the cases of letters and visits and maintain the overall situation of stability. During the activity, we will solve the reasonable demands of the staff and workers, and patiently explain and educate the unreasonable demands.

2. initiative is about to enter the stage of comprehensive competition. In the near future, our company will do a good job in the following tasks: First, focus on the 98th anniversary of the founding of the party, publicize the glorious history of the party, promote the fine traditions of the party, learn from the advanced models of party members, and further strengthen the atmosphere of creating advanced and striving for excellence. The initiative and consciousness of party organizations and party members to create the first and strive for excellence. The second is to combine the company's current work priorities to promote the smooth development of various tasks. According to the arrangement and deployment of the company's party committee, the activities will be pushed forward in a down-to-earth manner to ensure the actual results.