Zhengzhou Yunxi Bridge steel arch rib successfully closed

It is reported that Yunxi Bridge is located in Shibali Yunxi in the middle of Zhengzhou Science Valley. The main bridge is a single-span through tied arch bridge with a height of 23 meters, a span of 91.7m, a bridge width of 67-75m, and a total steel structure weight of about 1200 tons. Among them, the upper arch rib of the steel bridge is a single-box and single-room steel box structure, with a section height of l.8m, a width of l.8m, a total weight of about 280 tons, and an overall inclination of 15 degrees. The steel arch is connected with the tie beam and the steel box girder of the pedestrian bridge through two suspenders. After being processed in sections by the factory, it is divided into 10 sections according to the process and transported to the bridge site for general assembly and erection. In order to ensure the installation accuracy of arch ribs, after the acceptance of temporary supports, the lifting sequence is symmetrical from both sides to the middle of the span.

(Yunxi Bridge Effect Diagram)

Since the start of the project, the Metal Structure Company has carefully organized, reasonably planned, inverted the construction period, paid close attention to the production schedule and product quality of the factory, and worked overtime to ensure the project nodes as much as possible. Starting from the hoisting of the first steel structure on March 5, the project department overcame many adverse effects such as poor roads on site, narrow hoisting site and imperfect supporting elements, and successfully closed the left and right steel arches of the main bridge in 18 days. In the next step, the metal structure company will continue to exert its continuous combat capability and complete the remaining box girder erection tasks with high quality, providing a good prerequisite for the early completion of the future road.