The company passed the "China steel structure manufacturing enterprise first-class qualification" on-site review

The review expert group first conducted an on-site inspection of the production site, production scale, equipment capacity, production process and product physical quality of our company's south and north factories. At the subsequent review meeting, the expert group listened to the report on the enterprise situation of the metal structure company, and conducted a comprehensive and detailed review of our company's resource conditions, technical data, process flow, quality control and other application materials in combination with the contents of the "on-site evaluation form", and asked questions about the professional management from time to time. Finally, the expert group conducted a comprehensive scoring based on the on-site and data review, and determined the review results after review and research. At the last meeting of

, he mingxuan, head of the review team, announced the review results: it was confirmed that Luoyang Yu 'an metal structure co., ltd. passed the first-class qualification review of China's steel structure manufacturing enterprises. While affirming our company's production capacity, the review experts commented on our company's business management capabilities one by one, encouraging us to further practice our internal skills, and in personnel training, technology improvement, quality control, technological innovation and future industrial development, etc. Constructive suggestions and professional guidance were given.

The acquisition of this qualification marks a key step forward for Yu'an Metal Structure Company to manufacture large steel structures, which is of great significance to further enhance the company's steel structure manufacturing capacity and accelerate the scale increase. Metal structure company will take this opportunity, based on its own advantages, further improve the manufacturing capacity and quality level of steel structure, actively expand business space, build Yu'an steel structure brand, and continue to strengthen cooperation and exchange with other professional steel structure units, so as to promote the high-quality development of the company's steel structure to a new level.