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Our Group Won Two Highest National Awards

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Recently, our group received the quality engineering certificate issued by China Construction Enterprise Management Association and China Construction Industry Association.

Recently, Henan Province Installation Group( simplified as our group) received the 2020-2021 national high quality engineering award issued by China Construction Enterprise Management Association for the project of Domestic waste incineration power generation in Panzhihua City and Luban Award for China Construction Project (national high quality project) in 2020-2021 issued by China Construction Industry Association for the project of Quzhou urban domestic waste incineration power generation. Its first time for our group to win these honors as commissioning units participating in the two projects.


The construction of Panzhihua domestic waste incineration power generation project includes 2 boilers and 1 unit, with a daily treatment capacity of 800 tons of domestic waste. Our group undertakes the subsystem and whole set startup commissioning of the whole unit; The construction of Quzhou municipal domestic waste incineration power generation project includes two sets of 750t/d waste incinerator and one set of 40mW steam turbine generator unit. Our group undertakes the commissioning services of subsystem commissioning and integrated startup and trial run required before the unit is put into operation and handed over. Under the leadership of Xie Ming, the chief commissioning officer, all the staff of the project made joint efforts to scientifically organize and meticulously debug the two projects in strict accordance with the national commissioning procedures and specifications, and achieved good results in the progress coordination control, quality assurance, safe commissioning and other aspects of the relevant project participants. All the delivery performance indicators of the unit were excellent and the performance was perfect.


The national high quality project award and the Luban Award for China Construction Project are the highest awards for project construction quality, representing the advanced level and the highest honor of the same type of project construction in the same period. They are of great significance for creating high-quality projects, promoting enterprise quality management, and improving enterprise reputation and popularity. Obtaining of the two awards are the results of  implementation of the group's corporate culture, the group's business strategic layout and the group's professional development plan in recent years. For the next step, our group will continue to adhere to the national excellence concept of "pursuing excellence and creating classics", strengthen the implementation of three system basic management, and create more top-quality and fine projects.