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Our Steel Structure Product Is Certified by EU CE

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Recently, Our company were certified by EU Steel Structure EN1090 System, and received CE Certificate

Recently, Our company were certified by EU Steel Structure EN1090 System, and received CE Certificate, which means that our product are complied with EU market mandatory requirements and our company is qualified to undertake processing of EU standard steel structure product and also laid solid foundation for international market development.

The auditors checked contents of our welders qualification certificate, material certificate, quality control documents, welding system, product inspection according to EU EN1090 certification documentation factor, and our software & hardware strength and quality management system got their high affirmation.

The CE certificate is not only a recognition to our company product and quality control ability, but also a ticket for our company to enter EU market. We will continue to fulfill headquarter business strategy of three transformation and raise our concern of quality product, strictly control product quality to facilitate broaden of market abroad.


EN1090 is a mandatory standard for steel structure products under the building materials code CPR in CE certification. All steel structure products entering the EU market must obtain EN1090 certificate before they can be allowed to be sold in the EU market. EN1090 certification is the audit to steel structure enterprise system, which mainly assesses the quality control ability of the enterprise, including welding personnel qualification, material certificate, quality control documents, establishment of welding system, product inspection, etc.