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Yu'an Metal Structure Co., Ltd. Party Branch - Striving for Excellence
In accordance with the deployment of the provincial and municipal party committees, our company has been actively carrying out the “Creating the first to compete for excellence” activities since May 2010. Our branch has fully learned from the successful experience of in-depth study and practice of the scientific development concept, carefully designed the carrier and enriched the activities. Take effective measures to carry out the "creating first and foremost" activities
"Teaching morality, having good conduct"
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2019-06-10 17:33
This month, I participated in the discussion of the theme of "Ethics and Morality" in the life of the party organization. The emphasis on morality and conduct is the qualification of morality. The emphasis on morality emphasizes the importance of "knowledge and morality" in thinking and understanding. " Emphasis is placed on the need to "shoude virtues and virtues" in real practice. "Teaching morality and having good conduct" requires
"The union chairman walked the grassroots level" activity column
On March 28, 2016, the company's “Leader's Chairman of the Labor Union” campaign was launched in a branch of Zhumadian Junma Chemical Project. Zhang Yali, the deputy secretary of the company's party committee, the chairman of the labor union, and Zhang Weidong, the chairman of the labor union of a branch, went to the Zhumadian project department to carry out the project “18-character” policy presentation, hosted by project manager Wang Zhongwei, the chairman of the branch labor union
The party committee of the company issued the "two studies and one done" study and education implementation plan
In order to implement the Notice of the Party Committee of the Luoyang City Housing and Construction Committee of the CPC, the Notice of the Implementation of the "Learning Party Constitution, Party Speech, and Qualified Party Members" Learning and Implementing Program in the Party Committee of the CPC Luoyang Municipal Committee The Notice of the People's Republic of China (Gan Luojian Party [2016] No. 16) and other documents (hereinafter referred to as "two studies and one learning" education), promote the comprehensive management of the party from the strict governance to the grassroots level, the company party committee to carry out "two studies" among all party members of the company The main content of learning education is as follows: First, the program puts forward the overall requirements of the activity Carrying out "two studies and one doing" study and education is an important practice in implementing the Party Constitution's requirements for strengthening the management of party members' education and deepening the party's education for all party members. It is to promote the education within the party from "key minority" to the majority of party members and from concentrated education. An important measure to extend to regular education is to strengthen the important deployment of the party's ideological and political construction. Carry out the "two studies and one doing" study and education, the foundation is in school, the key is to do. To enhance pertinence, "learning" must be carried out with problems, "doing" should be aimed at problem-solving, and efforts should be made to solve six problems: the problem of some party members' ideals and beliefs being faltered, the party's consciousness weakening, and the party members' objective concepts are weak. The problems of the party members, the lack of morality, the problems of moral misconduct, and the problems in the party's work style and clean government. It is necessary to take the party branch as the basic unit and implement the party member education management system as the basic basis, and promote the regular education of party members to solidify and persist in the form of system. Pay attention to the connection with reality. Focusing on the requirements of the company's transformation and development, the "quality improvement and cost reduction" activities are closely integrated with the "two studies and one doing" study and education, so that learning and education not only fully implements the requirements of the party committee of the group company, but also fully reflects the company's practical characteristics. Second, the main content of the activity is clarified (1) Studying party rules and regulations. Focus on clear basic standards, establish behavioral norms, read the party constitutions one by one, fully understand the party's program, bear in mind the party's oath, remember the party's purpose, bear in mind the party members' obligations and rights, guide the party members to respect the party constitution, observe the party constitution, safeguard the party constitution, and strengthen the ideals and beliefs. , absolutely loyal to the party. Seriously study the "China Communist Party's Code of Integrity and Self-discipline" and the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China" and other party regulations, learn the history of the party, and learn the revolutionary ancestors and advanced models. (2) The series of speeches. All party members should focus on learning and understanding the basic spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important speeches, learn and understand the basic content of the new ideas, new ideas and new strategies of the party's central government, and learn to understand the basic requirements of strengthening party spirit, practicing the sense of purpose, and maintaining moral character. Focus on mastering basic positions, viewpoints, and methods. (3) Being a qualified party member. To promote politics, to be a qualified party member who speaks politics, has convictions, rules, disciplines, morality, conduct, dedication, and action. Third, the promotion measures were specified Carry out study and discussion, insist on the combination of study and work, focus on the connection with the regular, coordinate the content with the carrier, and promote mutual promotion between the leader and the party members. Adhere to the theme party class as an important way to concentrate on learning. Before the end of the year, the party branch should hold a special organization life meeting with the theme of "learning party rules and regulations, learning a series of speeches, and becoming qualified party members." The party committee will be held as a unit to hold a meeting of all party members, organize party members to carry out democratic appraisals, or coordinate with the party branch special organization life meeting. All units and departments must dig deeper into the
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