Tribute to the first heart, hearts to the party!

Warmly congratulate the Communist Party of China on its 100th birthday!

The journey of the century has been magnificent, and the heart has been strong for a long time at the beginning of the century. on the occasion of the centenary of the Communist Party of China, the company organized and carried out the activity of "I want to say to the party", reviewed the party's 100 year history, praised the party's great achievements, absorbed the great strength of striving, gave full play to the role of the party organization as a fighting fortress, further enhanced the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party organization, encouraged the majority of Party members to base themselves on their own duties, take the initiative, work, work, work hard, and work hard to promote the company's high quality development!

A hundred years of eventful years, a hundred years of hard work

Let us Do not forget your initiative mind, keep in mind our mission,

continue to unswervingly follow the Party's footsteps and obey its command,

has always fought well in every battle and every project with high morale and determination to win.

takes the construction of high-quality projects as its own responsibility, undertakes social responsibility and contributes to the construction of Luoyang metropolitan area!

jointly wish the great party to lead the Chinese people into a new journey and a new era!

Happy birthday to our great Communist Party of China and always brilliant!

wish our great motherland prosperity and prosperity!