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"Teaching morality, having good conduct"

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This month, I participated in the discussion of the theme of "Ethics and Morality" in the life of the party organization. The emphasis on morality and conduct is the qualification of morality. The emphasis on morality emphasizes the importance of "knowledge and morality" in thinking and understanding. " Emphasis is placed on the need to "shoude virtues and virtues" in real practice. "Teaching morality and having good conduct" requires Communist Party members to do the "unification of knowledge and action" of morality.

When it comes to ethics, first of all, I think of professional ethics. Professional ethics is the code of conduct that all practitioners should follow in their professional activities. They must be dedicated, honest, trustworthy, fair, serve the people, and contribute to society. A deep understanding of professional responsibilities and professional honours, regardless of any work or labor, must be conscientious, conscientious, and hardworking; honesty and trustworthiness are the basic principles of being a human being, and a basic norm of social ethics and professional ethics; An attitude towards people and things is also the professional ethics that people have said for thousands of years; serving the masses demands that the fundamental interests of the people be always kept in mind, respecting the personality and dignity of the masses, and doing everything possible to facilitate the masses; I actively and consciously contribute to society.

In combination with my own equipment management work, we must assist the leaders to strictly implement the management requirements of “providing quality, reducing costs”, “one-fee contracting and two-fee control”, and taking the “informatization” work as an opportunity to improve the management level of their equipment systems and supervise. All units should make timely decomposition and statistics of the internal and external mechanical expenses of the project, and provide detailed basic data for cost accounting and information management. Closely focus on the "eighteen characters" work policy, actively change the work style, improve work initiative, perform duties and responsibilities, improve work efficiency; enhance their sense of service, do a good job in the grassroots unit's appeals, and can not help In place, further improve the service quality of the department and establish the idea of ​​“I would rather work hard for one hour, not let the project be difficult for one minute”, guarantee the equipment is in good condition and complete parts; pay attention to equipment placement when receiving equipment, strengthen storage capacity and store management, will be limited The storage space is standardized and refined.

As a member of the Communist Party, we must base ourselves on the reality, take our job as a part of our lives, master business knowledge, be familiar with business work, and improve our business; change our style of work, correct our thinking, raise our awareness, and establish a correct outlook on life. World outlook, values, and power concept, uphold the party's mass line, keep in mind the party's purpose; talk about work, don't talk about enjoyment, give dedication, don't talk about rewards, and take matters of the interests of the masses with a strict attitude and practical style. it is good. (The equipment is excellent)