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The "eighteen-word" work policy presentation will be held in Zhumadian Junma Chemical Project Department

On March 28, 2016, the company's “Leader's Chairman of the Labor Union” campaign was launched in a branch of Zhumadian Junma Chemical Project. Zhang Yali, the deputy secretary of the company's party committee, the chairman of the labor union, and Zhang Weidong, the chairman of the labor union of a branch, went to the Zhumadian project department to carry out the project “18-character” policy presentation, hosted by project manager Wang Zhongwei, the chairman of the branch labor union, Zhang Weidong, the project management staff and More than 30 college students and other employees attended the presentation.

Chairman Zhang Weidong made a speech in two aspects. First, the important role of corporate culture in the construction industry. The company culture is the soul and spirit of the company. As the construction industry, the engineering and personnel are dispersed, and the production unit is the main force of the company. The company culture propaganda must go from the agency to the project department to gather people's hearts and exert their strength. Second, the company attaches great importance to cultural construction. In the past year, the company has spent a lot of manpower, material resources and energy to convey the culture of the company. One of the important tasks of the company in 2016 is to play a leading role in the construction of the company's culture, and continue to carry out the concept culture with the "eighteen characters" work policy as the connotation, the institutional culture with the company's rules and regulations as the main content, and the publicity and education of the executive culture. Activities, these cultures have played a major role in enhancing employees' sense of responsibility, improving employee participation in improving the initiative of the system, and consciously improving the system's ability to execute. He started with the "eighteen characters" work policy, citing specific examples, and describing the purpose and objectives of the group's ideas and ideas, and what the branch and project departments should do to better implement these cultures. idea. Particular emphasis is placed on the project department to build confidence and keep the projects under construction. The management personnel of each agency must have the confidence to do a good job in this position.

Finally, Zhang Yali, the chairman of the company's labor union, made a concluding speech. She emphasized: (1) The "eighteen words" policy, "three stresses, four questions" is the basic idea and value goal advocated by the company at present and in the future. More than 40 initiatives have been issued in the areas of core values ​​publicity and education, institutional culture construction, etc. In 2016, we will continue to intensify our implementation efforts, and further unify and shift to the company's requirements in terms of thinking, action, and pace. (2) As the grassroots management personnel and the majority of project employees, we must continue to learn and understand the company culture, and at the same time, we must also drive the surrounding people and the project as a whole to learn and understand the company's cultural concepts. (3) The frontline personnel must correctly handle the relationship between learning and work, and work should be combined with learning. At the same time, it is particularly emphasized that the company will promote cultural construction to a leading position this year, and employees at all levels must participate in the educational activities of the company's "eighteen characters" policy. It is necessary to promote a harmonious culture, love and dedication, unity and cooperation; to carry forward the loyalty culture, to be loyal to the enterprise, to be loyal to the position, to treat others sincerely; to advocate the rules and culture, to promote the implementation of the company system, to ensure the smooth flow of company orders.

The speech at the preaching session resonated with everyone on the project and won applause. The successful development of the “Leader of the Trade Union Chairman” campaign not only brought the company's concerns and warmth to the staff of the project department, but also made the company's policies and corporate culture more in-depth and direct, and achieved positive response. Further promoted the company's cultural construction.