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The Right Main Steel Arch Rib of Ji Ning Old Canal Arch Bridge Realized Closure

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The right main steel arch rib of Ji Ning Old Canal Arch Bridge reached closure on September 14th

The right main steel arch rib of Ji Ning Old Canal Arch Bridge reached closure on September 14th, which is undertaken by us. It represents that the construction enters critical stage and set foundation for being open to traffic before National Day. This moment was witnessed together by project owners party, first party leader, site supervisor and our companys site construction staff.

As a livelihood project, its required that the right side road of the bridge must be open to traffic before September 29th by Ji Ning Government and project owner. Project headquarter made command that our company must make conditions met for civil construction before September 17th because of the reason that it takes some time for civil construction after installation of main steel structure. In order to comply with the project progress, our staff worked hard day and night on production and transported products to site batch by batch. Project management team and installation staff arrived at site on August 31st , they started to work after settling down simply. We faced many challenges at site. The rain weather in this season caused the slippery and muddy site road. The narrow working space made it difficult for crane to operate. Our staff overcame these challenges by actively communication with project owner and supervisor, well work arrangement and working over time. After ten days of fighting, the right arch rib and its accessory components were lifted and installed and finally reached closure on time.

There are still plenty of welding work to do after the closure, and construction period is still tight. Our staff will continue to carry forward the spirit of being capable of fighting and tackling key problemsto fulfil our mission with responsible altitude and full enthusiasm.And to meet up companys expectation with our high standard and high quality job.